Adam Ant
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Оригинальное Название アダム・アント (Adamu Anto)
Отсылка Adam Ant (панк рок исполнитель)
Владелец станда (имя по умолчанию) 蟻原 (Арихара)
Сила D
Скорость C
Дальность A
Точность D
Выносливость A
Потенциал E

"A microscopic insect horde numbering 1,000 in total. It can corrode living flesh by consuming it slowly. It has no will of its own, simply eating whatever is closest at hand. Though weak, it specializes in slowly wearing away at the enemy’s will to fight. It does not transmit damage to the user, but is difficult to command, only following certain simple instructions." (In-Game Description)

"A hard worker who is always on the move, you are humble and mature. However, you're insecure, fearing rejection more than anything, and are neurotic and methodical to an obsessive degree. You avoid conflict to the utmost extreme, and are receptive and compassionate." (Personality Evaluation)

Base Stats[править | править код]


HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 33 12 21 20 23
50 600 433 128 123 212 219

Moveset[править | править код]

Adam Ant's normal attack is physical, hits all enemies, and has a 3% chance of inflicting Bugs and/or Swarmed.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Vampires 15 1 Continually attacks the enemy with your Stand. (L)
Gnats 3 1 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies.
Mosquitoes 5 1 Damages all enemies, inflicts Berserk and Fear. (L)
Beetle Shield 8 4 Guards with a rhinoceros beetle shell.
Sea of Insects 12 6 Inflicts non-elemental damage on all enemies. (L)
Killer Bees 8 8 Inflicts severe damage + poison on enemies. (L)
Congregate 8 9 Inflicts non-elemental damage on an enemy. (L)
Vampires 2 20 12 Continually attacks the enemy with your Stand. (L)
Army Ants 16 13 Inflicts crippling damage on all enemies. (L)
Vampires 3 25 16 Continually attacks the enemy with your Stand. (L)
Insect Cannon 16 17 Inflicts crippling damage on an enemies. (L)
Push It To The Limit 100 45 Uses 100% of your potential.
Adam & The Ants 100 50 Sics as many insects as possible on the enemy. (L)

Combination[править | править код]

Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Nightcrawler Fist Jotaro
Buggy Barrage Kakyoin
Bush Bugs Joseph
Flame-Dipped Abdul
Bug Bite Polnareff
Dusty Swarm Iggy

Overworld Reaction[править | править код]

Saudi Arabia

  • Can help Kakyoin fight the Sun.

Trivia[править | править код]

  • Adam Ant's best attack, "Adam & The Ants", is a reference to the English new wave band, Adam and the Ants, which had two incarnations that were both fronted by the real Adam Ant.
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