7th Stand User - Русская Вики вики
Оригинальное Название カーディガンズ (Kaadiganzu)
Отсылка The Cardigans (Альтернативная рок-группа)
Владелец станда (имя по умолчанию) 伊佐治 (Isaji)
Дистанция Малая
Класс Поддержка
Сила D
Скорость B
Дальность C
Точность A
Выносливость A
Потенциал B

"A support-oriented stand that resembles a nurse. Can cure others’ wounds and ailments, using Stand power, and if necessary, inflict a small amount of damage with scalpels and medical tools." (In-Game Description)

"Sensitive, deeply trusting, and easily wounded. Though you avoid people a whenever possible, you would never abandon someone in a time of need. Naturally skeptical, you're a truth-seeker who desires to get to the bottom of everything. You spend much of your time alone, pondering the universe." (Personality Evaluation)

Base Stats[]


HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 34 12 21 20 23
50 600 419 138 201 299 296

Cardigans is the quintissential support Stand - lots of healing techniques (especially valuable in this game where they're rare for non-Support Stands), lots of SP, good Spirit and Speed, but very little damage output. Using a combination of SP Injection and her healing skills outside of battle provides a way to fully restore your party for absolutely free. At level 43, it learns Toxicant, which has the same effects as the item version, but in addition to being a better value in terms of SP cost, the damage scales with Cardigans' Spirit stat.

The recommended tactics is "Flee", maximizing her survivability and speed for the cost of her already negligible offense.


Cardigans' normal attack is physical, short-ranged, and has a 1% chance of inflicting Dizzy or Fear.

The actual amount restored by healing moves varies if used in battle.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O. / May fail when used in battle.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Stand Attack 1 1 Directly attacks an enemy with your Stand.
Check-Up 10 1 Relieves physical exhaustion a bit. / Heals user's HP slightly, works like Cold Medicine if protagonist is Sickly
Transfusion 5 1 Absorbs a little bit of an enemy's HP. / Does comparable damage to a normal attack.
Eyedrops 5 1 Removes Darkness status.
Loud Yell 0 2 Yells in a booming voice to remove Confusion.
SP Injection 10 3 Restores a small amount of SP to an ally. / 10 SP
Cooling Pad 5 4 Removes Paralysis status.
Heal 3 4 Restores 30 HP to one ally.
Antidote 5 6 Removes Poison status.
Soothing Medicine 5 8 Removes Berserk and Confusion status.
Desperation Attack 3 10 Strong attack on all enemies that has a low success rate. (S)
Anthem 5 10 Plays an anthem to raise allies' Defense. / Increases Durability proportionate to starting value, stacks up to a point.
Anesthesia 5 11 Inflicts Sleep status on an enemy.
Heal All 5 12 Restore 20 HP to all allies.
Cure 6 13 Restore 120 HP to one ally.
Shock Therapy 13 15 Inflicts electric damage on an enemy. (S)
Cure All 10 17 Restores 80 HP to all allies.
First-Aid 10 18 Removes most status effects. / Not KO, Sleep, Confusion, Berserk, OnFire or anything else covered by a different skill.
Under the Knife 11 19 Attacks an enemy with a scalpel. (M) / Low chance of inflicting Bleeding.
Awakening 10 20 Removes Sleep status.
Restore 12 23 Restores 480 HP to one ally.
Operation 20 25 Removes all status effects except for K.O.
Restore All 20 27 Restores 320 HP to all allies.
Revive 14 30 Revives a K.O.'d ally with half of their HP. / 100% success rate in battle, unlike Cardiac Massage.
Laser Cut 20 30 Inflicts severe damage on an enemy. (S) / Chance to inflict 1HKO, ignores defense
Doping 100 40 Raises all stats
Experimental Drug 60 43 Inflicts various status effects on an enemy.
Full Restore 28 50 Revives a K.O.'ed ally with full HP.


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Beat To Death Jotaro
Firing Squad Kakyoin
The Gallows Joseph
Burned At The Stake Abdul
Execution-Style Skewer Polnareff
Crucifixion Iggy

Overworld Interactions[]


  • CANNOT answers the student on the second floor of the school about horror movies.

[Hong Kong|Hong Kong]

  • Can revive the fallen man near the Chinese restaurant for 40 XP and an Anchovy Pizza.
  • Can revive the fallen man near the lake to receive a Foo Fightalin.


  • Adds extra dialogue before the Ebony Devil fight.
  • In the Northwest corner, can revive the fallen man for a Crazy DX and 200 XP.

[Saudi Arabia|Saudi Arabia]

[West Bengal|West Bengal]

  • On Day 25 on, you can heal the terrorist guarding the base, for -2 bad karma.
  • You can help the Refugee camp. Doing so makes one day pass, and you gain -2 bad karma and a Junk Bracelet.


  • Cardigans' Combination Attacks are all named after methods of execution.