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Оригинальное Название ミラクルズ (Mirakuruzu)
Отсылка The Miracles (Ритм энд Блюз группа)
Владелец станда (имя по умолчанию) 影山 (Кагеяма)
Дистанция Дальний бой
Класс Управляющий
Сила Е
Скорость С
Дальность А
Точность А
Выносливость В
Потенциал А

"You are antisocial and have trouble fitting in. However, you are honest and don't put on a show of yourself for others.

You have a lot of self-loathing and a bit of a persecution complex. You hate the things you don't understand, and take things as fact without looking into them. However, when it comes to protecting your loved ones, you can accomplish tremendous feats of strength." (Personality Evaluation)

Base StatsПравить

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 37 12 17 23 19
50 600 553 94 146 226 283

Miracles is essentially a support Stand, geared more towards disabling enemies with status effects and defensive barriers than damaging them. Its attack power is low, but it excels in SP and Speed, and has decent Durability as well. Zzz..., which inflicts Sleep, and "......", which inflicts Distract/LookBack/NoSenses, comes in handy against a huge portion of bosses, and it also possesses Control Presence, which is the only way to lower the encounter rate.

The recommended Tactics for this Stand are "Desperate Attack" for offense, and "Flee" for support.


Miracles' normal attack is physical, hits one enemy, and has a 5% chance of inflicting Berserk, Confuse Fear, and/or Distract.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Erase Presence 4 1 Makes the enemy unable to sense your presence.
Weaken Presence 6 1 Makes presence weaker to distract enemies.
Sizzle 8 2 Inflicts fire damage on an enemy. / (L) +OnFire
Zzz... 5 2 Puts all enemies to sleep.
Desperation Attack 3 3 Attacks all enemies. Has low success rate. (S)
Crack 8 4 Inflicts ice damage on an enemy. / (L) +Frozen
Fume 4 5 Inflicts Berserk status on an enemy.
Buzz 8 6 Inflicts electric damage on an enemy. / (L) +Surge
Heat Barrier 8 8 Raises a barrier to repel heat. Affects all allies.
Cold Barrier 8 8 Raises a barrier to repel cold. Affects all allies.
Whoosh 8 8 Inflicts wind damage on an enemy. / (L) +BlowBack
Barrier 8 10 Erects a barrier that protects from physical attacks.
Control Presence 10 11 Controls your presence, altering encounter rate.
Guffaw 4 15 Inflicts Confuse status on an enemy.
Clunk 10 17 Makes enemy heavier to stop them in their tracks.
Eliminate Presence 20 19 Makes all enemies unable to sense your presence.
Encourage 20 22 Subconsciously raises an ally's stats.
"......" 30 25 Destroys the enemies' senses. / +NoSenses/Distract/CantFind
Psyche Up 100 45 Raises stats considerably with self-encouragement.
Fwoooooosh! 30 45 Inflicts Fire damage on an enemy. (L)
Crackle 30 46 Inflicts Ice damage on an enemy. (L)
Zchunk! 30 47 Inflicts Electric damage on an enemy. (L)
Bluster 30 48 Inflicts Wind damage on an enemy. (L)
Crunch! 20 49 Inflicts non-elemental, def-piercing dmg on foe. (L)
Assassinate 100 50 Ignores defense to inflict damage on an enemy. (S)


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Under Cover Jotaro
Invisible Prison Kakyoin
Invisible Torture Chamber Joseph
Fire Escape Abdul
Mass Hysteria Polnareff
Paranoia Psyche Iggy
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