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Alessi is one of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, and the user of Seth. He is one of two bosses who may be fought in the Luxor.



If you have 10FP or more with Polnareff before the event with Sethan, you'll have the option of searching with Jotaro or splitting up to look for him. Search with Jotaro for +1FP with him, but you'll be put on the normal route. Search for Polnareff and you'll be turned into a child as well, allowing you to battle Alessi. You'll get +1FP with Polnareff afterwards - if you manage to defeat Alessi, you'll get +3FP instead, as well as some stat-boosting items. If you run from the battle, you'll be taken to a cutscene where you have to find a place to hide within the time limit - pick up the ball and cane, use the cane to knock down the mirror, then check the fish tank to complete the event.

There's another version of this scene that only triggers if your FP with Joseph if 15FP or above, but your FP with Polnareff is below 10. If you have 10FP with Polnareff, the above event will take priority, and you won't be able to view this version even if you stay with Jotaro. If you fulfill the above conditions, Joseph will follow Polnareff instead of the protagonist, he then confronts Alessi saying the same lines as the protagonist until Alessi uses Sethan on him. Joesph then proceeds to clacker volley Alessi and a battle starts. Joseph will only be able to use the ripple but there will be new moves such as the tornado kick.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Gained Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Alessi 1000 2000 4000 Sunlight Remedy Range: M. Attacks do little to no damage, so you'll have to fight with items. The UV Lasers are recommended as they can inflict Blindness, but any of the firearms from the submarine route or weapon shops will work. Fear and OffGuard are effective here. Bleeding and Dizzy work pretty well too, so if you have the Talwar, use that.