7th Stand User Wiki
Japanese Name アルハート (Aruhāto)
Namesake Al Hirt (Trumpet player)
The Green Hornet (Television series theme by Al Hirt)
User Kate
Distance Long-Distance
Class Colony Stand
Power C
Speed D
Range A
Precision B
Durability D
Potential C

"An automatic stand that takes the form of many large, insect-like entities called Green Hornets." (In-Game Description)

Alhirt is the stand of Kate. As a long-range stand, it is used to attack the party numerous times throughout the journey.

The stand manifests in the form of "Green Hornets" (though they are also referred to as bees), which come in multiple forms, with different statistics for each. Once Kate is defeated, they will no longer appear.

With the exception of the Queen of the colony, damage will not transfer to the user. The queen hides in Kate's cap to generate more worker bees.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Green Hornet 32 15 15 G.E. Coffee Range: M. The ones by the 7-Eleven appear in groups of 3, all others appear in groups of 2. Can inflict poison with its sting attack.
Green Hornet 2 32 35 30 Ointment Same as the ones in Singapore.