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Bent Out of Shape
Official art by Clayman
Japanese Name ベント・アウト・オブ・シェイプ (Bento Auto Obu Sheipu)
Namesake Bent Out of Shape (Rainbow album)
User Rainbow
Power D
Speed B
Range D
Precision D
Durability D
Potential A

Bent Out of Shape is the stand of Rainbow. It has hypnosis abilities, which Rainbow uses to deceive others for her own purposes.

Rainbow is unaware of her stand's power, thinking she merely is a good hypnotist. As such, not much about the stand is known.

Clayman has confirmed its stats on marshmallow-qa[1].

Base Stats[]

Rainbow joins you as an ally in Chaos Mode. She joins the party at level 1.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 50 53 27 8 38 28
50 972 833 203 68 171 286


Rainbow's normal attack has a basic hit rate of 100%.

Name SP




Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Flying Kick 5 1 Kicks the enemy for physical damage.
Multi-Punch 6 1 Punches the enemy repeatedly for physical damage.
Whirlwind Kick 10 1 Kicks all enemies for physical damage. / Chance of inflicting Dizzy
Provoke 1 1 Provokes an enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Kowtow 5 1 Chance of inflicting Fear, GoEasy, OffGuard on one enemy.
Hypnotism 0 1 Low chance of inflicting Sleeping.
Desperation Attack 3 6 Attacks all enemies. Has low success rate. (S)
MindControl(Berserk) 10 8 Inflicts Berserk status on all enemies.
Throw 5 10 Throws the enemy into the ground. / Chance of inflicting Dizzy
MindControl(Confuse) 10 14 Inflicts Confuse status on all enemies.
MindControl(Sleep) 10 23 Inflicts Sleep status on all enemies.
Psyche Up 10 25 Raises user's stats a little bit.
100-Crack Fandango 20 40 Attacks an enemy with high-speed kicks. / Chance of inflicting Dizzy, Fear, Blowback, NoBreath, Bleeding
Allure 5 50 Chance of inflicting Fear, Charm, GoEasy, OffGuard on one enemy.