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Black Eyed Peas
Japanese Name ブラック・アイド・ピース (Burakku Aido Pizu)
Namesake The Black Eyed Peas (Hip-Hop Group)
User Heymama
Distance Long-Distance
Class Automatic Stand

Original art by Hiru

Black Eyed Peas is the stand of Heymama, a 300-year old tree. As a long-range stand, it is used to attack the party numerous times throughout the journey.

The stand appears when one eats Heymama's fruit. The stand slowly sucks the moisture out of the target. As long as it bites once, it can extract moisture indefinitely from any distance. If pursued, it will shoot back some of its acquired moisture like a water gun.


In Calcutta, across the bridge and to the north, there's a man on a mat selling fresh fruit. If you buy it, you'll recover, but will be inflicted with Mummy status, which saps your health as you walk. Chase down the Stand that appears to start a battle, which gives you Black Tree Fruit (an excellent recovery item) if you win. You can trigger this event as many times as you like to stock up on Black Tree Fruits.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS? 2: Black Eyed Peas 200 100 100 Black Tree Fruit Range: S. Defeat it quickly or it will sap your HP to restore itself. Note that the drop is not 100%.