7th Stand User Wiki
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Japanese Name キャラバン (Kyaraban)
Namesake Caravan (progressive rock band)
User (Default Name) 金田 (Kaneda)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Support Type
Power D
Speed B
Range B
Precision A
Durability A
Potential A

"A merchant Stand that can craft and transform items by rearranging their atomic structure. While fully independent, business is its only interest. In exchange for the spirit energy of the user, it can create objects - not unlike the exchange of cash for goods." (In-Game Description)

"Laid-back, witty, and easy to quick on your feet. Kind and gentle, but bad at keeping secrets. Though sharp, you're also timid, shying away from all responsibility. You're dependent on others and quick to panic, and your entire personality can change at the drop of a hat." (Personality Evaluation)

Hey, what's the big idea!? Screamin' like that... Talk about rude! Well, I guess I would too if there were a big ol' bird in front of me...
Caravan, utilizing self-deprecation to make the best of an awkward situation.

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, the Stand itself gives a bonus of Power/Durability +1 and Spirit +2.


HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 36 14 22 24 20
50 600 458 108 195 205 250

Caravan is capable of attacking at all ranges, dealing high physical damage but has a high SP cost and is very lacking in damage against immaterial enemies such as Burns, Green Hornets, etc, so you will be relying on your regular attacks, Stand Attack, Desperation Attack, and Caravan Act 3 against those kinds of enemies.


Caravan's normal attack is short and mid-ranged, physical, has a basic hit rate of 90%, and has a 10% chance of inflicting OffGuard.

Skills that have corresponding items, like Hand Grenade, Bazooka Launcher, Dynamite, Submachine Gun, Missile, and Nuclear Warhead, can be learned early by sleeping in the inn with the item version in your inventory. Caravan will attempt to reconstruct it, and if it succeeds, you'll learn the move even if you aren't at the required level.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Stand Attack 1 1 Directly attacks an enemy with your Stand. (S)
Ointment 10 3 Ointment and gauze. Restores 50HP.
Cooling Pad 5 3 Removes Paralysis status.
Gunpowder 10 3 Inflicts physical damage on an enemy.
Cold Medicine 15 * Recovers exhaustion. (Only learned if you have a Sickly protagonist.)
Antidote 5 4 Removes Poison status.
Eyedrops 5 4 Removes Darkness status.
Soothing Medicine 5 4 Removes Berserk and Confusion status.
Awakening 5 5 Removes Sleep status.
Hand Grenade 20 10 Inflicts severe physical damage on an enemy.
First-Aid Kit 20 13 Painkillers, ointment, & vitamins. Restores 250HP. (Does not cure Bleeding, unlike the item version.)
Bazooka Launcher 30 14 Inflicts severe physical damage on all enemies.
Desperation Attack 3 15 Attacks all enemies. Has low success rate. (S)
Flamethrower 16 16 Inflicts physical damage on all enemies. / +OnFire
Dynamite 40 17 Inflicts maximum non-elemental damage on an enemy. / +BlowBack
Submachine Gun 18 17 Inflicts a lot of physical damage on enemies. / +Fear
Caravan Act 2 20 19 Takes you to the dimension inside Caravan's pouch.
Missile 60 20 Inflicts crippling physical damage on foes. / +BlowBack/Darkness/OnFire
Stimulant 30 35 Revives an ally with 50% HP.
Caravan Act 3 50 40 Inflicts darkness + severe damage on enemies. (S) /+Fear, Bleeding, rare 1HKO
Nuclear Explosion 300 50 Inflicts extreme physical damage on all enemies. /+SP damage & status effects

The following moves can only be learned after sleeping in the inn with the following characters or items in your party. Note: Caravan's skill-learning events of any kind require you to sleep in the inn with a party member for them to trigger (not including inns on the submarine route).

Name SP cost Required character/item Effect
Slash 1 Knife Inflicts physical damage + rare Fear/Bleeding.
Open Fire 3 Handgun Inflicts damage on one enemy.
Shoot To Kill 20 Sniper Rifle Inflicts damage on one enemy + Bleeding.
Legendary Blade 16 Talwar Inflicts severe physical damage on one enemy + Fear/Dizzy/Bleeding.
Experimental Knives 20 Experimental Knives, or Gallahad, after he has learned this move Inflicts damage on one enemy/sometimes 1HKOs.
Boomerang Hat 5 Speedwagon Inflicts hat damage on all enemies.
Throwing Knife 18 Slash has been learned, level is >5 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Throwing Knives 24 Throwing Knife has been learned, level is >10 Inflicts physical damage on all enemies.
Annihilation Bullet 5 Shoot to Kill has been learned, Ripple Rush, S.Y. Overdrive, or Ripple Gale has been learned, Joseph Shoots one enemy with a Ripple-infused bullet. (S)
True M.S. Overdrive 30 Legendary Blade has been learned, Ripple Rush, S.Y. Overdrive, or Ripple Gale has been learned, Joseph has learned M.S. Overdrive Ignores def. to inflict crippling Light damage. (S)

Caravan Act 2[]

At level 19, you'll learn Caravan Act 2, which will take you to a special shop. You cannot save in here, and Caravan Act 2 will disappear while inside (it will be relearned once you exit). There is an inn where you can sleep for 500G a night. Days will not pass when using the inn, but hotel events (including those with Caravan) will not occur.

Shop Data[]

The following three items are easter eggs, and have no use.

Item Price Effect
Punch 50 Attacks with a punch. Cannot be equipped.
Longsword 100 A longsword with a narrow blade. Cannot be equippd.
Potion 200 Restores 80HP.
Item Price Effect
Ointment 100 Gauze and ointment. Restores 50HP.
Antidote 30 Cures poison.
Meat Spray 200 Restores HP. Can be used up to 5 times.
Act 2 300 Energy drink that restores a large amount of HP and SP.
Ripple-Infused Wine 700 Wine with pain-relieving properties. Heals all allies.
Ripple-Infused Cola 300 Soda with pain-relieving properties. Heals all allies.
Requiem G.E. 300 Energy drink that cures various status ailments.
Overdrive SY 300 Energy drink that restores a large amount of SP.
Diamond C 300 Energy drink that restores a large amount of HP.
Item Price Effect
Gunpowder 150 Gunpowder for fireworks. Damages enemies.
Hand Grenade 350 A simple, easy-to-use hand grenade.
Dynamite 600 Used by construction workers to blow up bedrock.
Handgun 500 A handheld revolver. Has 5 shots.
Missile 2000 A missile complete with portable launcher.

The following items are only available on your 4th playthrough and up:

Item Price Effect
Bazooka Launcher 1000 A miniature bazooka launcher. Only has one shot.
Submachinegun 1200 A handheld machinegun. Has 5 cartridges.
Sniper Rifle 1800 A sniper rifle. Has 5 bullets.
Experimental Knives 3000 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy/sometimes 1HKOs

The following items are only available on your 6th playthrough and up:

Item Price Effect
Secret Book Vol. 1 1000 Teaches Ripple Breathing skill.
Secret Book Vol. 2 5000 Teaches Ripple Rush skill.
Secret Book Vol. 3 5000 Teaches +- Ripple skill.
Secret Book Vol. 4 10,000 Teaches Sunlight Yellow Overdrive skill.
Doraecat Comics 100 Teaches Laugh skill.
Psychology 101 100 Teaches Fearless Laugh skill.
Voice Training 100 Teaches Loud Yell skill.
How Now, Kowtow 100 Teaches Kowtow skill.
Low Blows 100 Teaches Bluff skill.
Looking For Trouble 100 Teaches Provoke skill.
Book of Evil 10,000 +1~3 bad karma.
Book of Cleansing 10,000 -1~3 bad karma.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Guard 170 152 251 Longsword From Final Fantasy Legend 2. Attacks in a group of 4. Resistant to Fire and Water, weak to Ice.
Serpent 198 152 251 Crazy DX Attacks with poison fangs. Resistant to Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, weak to Ice and Electric.
F-Flower 130 152 251 Punch Attacks with poison fangs. Resistant to Ice, weak to Fire, Light, and Wind.
Eagle 160 152 251 Experience Tablet Uses attacks that inflict BlowBack. Immune to Earth, resistant to Fire, and weak to Ice and Wind.
Jiqimao 2000 0 0 None If you get Jiqimao's HP to under 10% (under 200 HP) before he escapes, you'll get a Badge of Honor. After you get five Badges from him, he will immediately flee from the battle when you encounter him.


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Gotta Catch 'Em All Jotaro
Nonsense! Kakyoin
Legendary Technique Joseph
Killer Birds Abdul
Alpha Bird Polnareff
Stand Grenade Iggy

Overworld Interaction[]


  • Can check the first-aid kit in the player's home to learn the Ointment, Cooling Pad, Antidote, Eyedrops, Soothing Medicine, and Awakening skills early.
  • Adds extra dialogue during the scene with Kakyoin's flesh bud.

Charter Ship

  • Removes the 10-Turn limit in the fight with Dark Blue Moon, by producing oxygen tanks for Jotaro and the player.


  • Can fix the generator if you are level 35 and in the science club.

Pakistani Border

  • For an SP cost, you will not suffer the OnFire status effect on the 6th turn in the Wheel of Fortune battle.

Foggy Village

  • Adds extra dialogue after defeating Enya if you are in the science club and fixed the broken generator, bought a broken TV from the scrap dealer, and found a TV manual in Calcutta.


  • CANNOT fight the Lovers with Kakyoin and Polnareff.

West Bengal

  • On Day 25 onwards, you can heal the fallen Terrorist for -2 bad karma.
  • Can help the Refugee camp. One day passes, and you receive -2 bad karma and a Junk Bracelet.

Kom Ombo

  • Adds extra dialogue after the second fight with Khan.


  • Can cheat on the Daniel J. D'Arby Poker Game. There is a chance that he will catch you cheating, in which you'll instantly lose, but if he doesn't, you'll earn 1 Badge of Honor.

Dio's Manor

  • D'arby can be fought if your level is 40 or higher.

Author's Notes[]

In short, a "cheerful businessman". The stand beame a merchant-type simply because of the user's strong mercantile nature. Their two-facedness and small-mindedness are also reflected in their stand. The stand itself is like a bird, free and unrestrained, but hard to hate.


  • Caravan is the only Stand in the game besides Specials to talk to the player, and speaks with a pronounced Kansai dialect in the Japanese version.
  • According to Clayman, Caravan represents the Enneagram type 7w6.
  • According to Clayman, the user of Caravan is a parallel to Joseph.