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Japanese Name カーペンターズ (Kaapentaazu)
Namesake The Carpenters (pop duo)
User (Default Name) 槌谷 (Tsuchitani)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Special Type
Power B
Speed B
Range B
Precision C
Durability B
Potential B

"Using carpenters’ tools, this Stand can remodel and disassemble anything, living or otherwise. Disassembly does not inflict damage - in fact, it can refurbish and improve upon the target. Not particularly strong, and lacks precision, but fairly quick." (In-Game Description)

"At first glance, you're cheerful and talkative, but you're guarded and don't pull any punches. Bold and ambitious, you point out people's faults to help them improve, rather than out of disdain. On the flip side, you can be nervous and a bit of a control freak, and when you're angered, you hold on to it for a long time, causing you to burn bridges." (Personality Evaluation)

Base StatsEdit

Carpenters is a stand with balanced offensive and defensive abilities. It can 'fix' and buff party members, as well as debuff enemy stats or possibly OHKO them. Carpenters suffers from having no [L] attacks and a low SP pool.


HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 27 14 21 22 21
50 600 285 133 198 288 229


Carpenters' normal attack is a mid-range physical attack that hits one enemy.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Disassemble 3 1 Disassembles the enemy. Has a low success rate. / Deals damage, chance to lower target's Power, Durability, Spirit and Speed

Can also inflict K.O on the enemy(base chance is 45% but it may vary).

Wrench 4 1 Attacks an enemy with a wrench. (M)
Remodel 7 2 Remodels an enemy to make them weaker. / Lowers target's Power, Durability, Spirit and Speed
Stand Attack 1 2 Directly attacks an enemy with your Stand. (S)
Desperation Attack 3 3 Attacks all enemies. Has low power & accuracy. (S)
Repair 3 4 Repairs an ally to restore 30HP.
Speedy Disassembly 6 5 Disassembles the enemy. Has a low success rate. / Deals damage, chance to lower target's Power, Durability, Spirit and Speed
Nail Gun 10 6 Attacks all enemies with a nail gun. (M) / Chance to stop enemies in their tracks
Hammer 12 9 Attacks the enemy with a hammer. (M) / Chance to stun
Multi-Disassembly 6 10 Disassembles all enemies. Has a low success rate. / Chance to lower targets' Power, Durability, Spirit and Speed
Remodel Ally 7 11 Remodels an ally to make them stronger. / Raises target's Power, Durability, Spirit and Speed. Stackable
Repair All 10 12 Restores 80HP to all allies.
Chainsaw 10 13 Damages the enemy and sometimes inflicts 1HKO. (M) / Single target
Customize 5 14 Can customize your gear.
High Voltage 12 17 Inflicts severe electric damage on an enemy. (M) / Chance to inflict Surge
Diamond Cutter 20 26 Attacks with a buzzsaw & sometimes 1HKOs. (M) / Hits all enemies
Push It To The Limit 100 45 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects
Road Roller 100 50 Drops a roadroller on the opponent, crushing them.


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Diamond Breaker Jotaro
Emerald Nailer Kakyoin
Hermit Drill Joseph
Flame Hammer Abdul
Silver Chainsaw Polnareff
Sand Blast Iggy


The Customize skill learned at level 14 can upgrade recovery items, fake medicines, and Scrap Iron. The success chance is fairly low, and if it fails, you will lose the item. Some items can only be obtained through Customize.


Original item Customized item
Dora Cola Diamond C or Crazy DX
Echoes High Act 2 or Echoesterol
G.E. Coffee Requiem G.E. or Experience Tablet
F.F. Sports Drink Meat Spray or Foo Fightalin
Ripple-Infused Tea Overdrive SY or Sunlight Remedy
Mineral Water Herb Bottle or Pearl Jam

Fake MedicineEdit

Original item Customized item
Experients Tablet Experience Tablet
Ecroesterol Echoesterol
Crazy BX Crazy DX
Foo Fytalin Foo Fightalin
Darditol Darbitol
Starblatodine Starplatodine


Original item Customized item
Scrap Iron Enertron, Medical Toolkit, Bearing Ammo, or Rifle Ammo

Overworld Interactions Edit


  • Can repair a student's broken Walkman for some Sweets.

Hong Kong

  • Can repair the broken-down truck for an Echoestrol.


  • Can fix the generator on the west side of the river. This requires 3 Scrap Iron and earns you 500 XP.

Saudi Arabia

  • Can repair the downed plane, skipping the fight with Death 13 and instead having you fight The Tyde.

West Bengal

  • Can help the doctor in the refugee camp with providing care, giving you the Junk Bracelet accessory and reducing your bad karma by 2.
  • On Day 25 and higher, can heal the terrorist guarding the base for -2 bad karma. However, you cannot enter the base after doing this.


  • Can heal Abdul, allowing you to re-add him to your party earlier than normal.