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Chaos Mode is a game mode that introduces many new events and alternate paths to the game's story. Many of the events are random or depend on the hidden chaos number created at the start of the game.

After clearing the game five times, you will be able to purchase the Chaotic Key from the Vending Machine in the Developer's Room for 999999G. Alternatively, even if you haven't cleared the game five times, you can still purchase the Chaotic Key from the treasure chest as long as you have 999999G. After purchasing it, you will be given the option to enable Chaos Mode when you start a new game.

Chaos Mode also introduces a mechanic called Surplus Fate Energy. It is obtained when original characters are killed or when characters who lived in the original manga are killed. Certain events require high bad karma to obtain the Surplus Fate Energy. Surplus Fate Energy is required to trigger some events.

Skipping a cutscene using King Crimson will cause the game to skip any Chaos Mode events that occur in that scene.


Event Location Trigger Conditions Notes
Deny End Home Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game One of the endings in Chaos Mode. When Steel asks you to call out your Stand, you have the option to refuse. Keep refusing to get this ending.
Strange Family Home Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game Your father looks like Will A. Zeppeli, your mother looks like Lisa Lisa, and your brother looks like Caesar Zeppeli. You will also have Ripple Breathing and Ripple Rush at the start of the game. As going-away presents, you'll receive a silk hat from your father, a bandana from your brother, and medicine, a ripple muffler, and Secret Book Vol. 1 from your mother. Changes some dialogue with Joseph.
Destiny of Zeppeli Home Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game Your mother implies that you are part of the Zeppeli bloodline. As going-away presents, your mother gives you Secret Book Vol. 1 with the medicine.
Dissonance Home Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game Changes some instances of dialogue, you also start with less money and items in your house and have no second floor. You will not receive going-away presents from your family.
Orphan Home Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game You live entirely alone. Changes some dialogue and you will have no second floor to your house. You will also start with less items and money.
Parent-less Household Home Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game You have no parents and you live with a sibling. Changes some dialogue and you will have no second floor to your house. You will also start with less items and money.
Junk Home If your level is 1, there is a 1/4 chance of obtaining this trait at the start of the game You will not be able to control your Stand until you level up. Until then, you'll be permanently inflicted with the "Wild" status effect, which makes you unable to use most skills.

Different events will play out for different Stands.

If your level is 2 or higher before you start your playthrough, the event will occur, but the status effect will not be given.

Narcolepsy Home 1/21 chance of obtaining every time you sleep in your bed at home If you sleep in your bed, there's a 1/21 chance that you will obtain the Narcolepsy trait, which causes you to randomly fall asleep in battle. This trait will change certain dialogue, and you will not be able to join a club when you have this trait.
Lolicon Park in Japan None If you talk to the little girl in the park and select "Let's play together" and "It'll be fun", you will receive the Lolicon trait, which changes future dialogue.
"Sutandoh" School Infirmary Random When reading the note on Kakyoin's handkerchief, Jotaro will sometimes read the word Stand as "Sutandoh," adds minor changes to the dialogue in this scene.
Jotaro Fan School Infirmary School courtyard or Creepshots in inventory, female protagonist If you enter the infirmary with the Creepshots you will have a random chance of obtaining the Jotaro Fan trait. Can also be obtained by inputting "Jotaro" as your choice of club by speaking the girl outside of the school. Changes some of the player's dialogue involving Jotaro, and lowers Jotaro's FP in certain events.
Too Strong School Infirmary Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game, Jotaro's level is 40 or more Jotaro deflects Kakyoin's Emerald Splash. This skips the fight against Kakyoin.
Super Strong Kujo Residence Random, Female or Short protagonist Choices occur when Jotaro tells the main character to carry Kakyoin. If you select "Yes", the main character will lightly lift Kakyoin, and the main character's characteristic "Super Strong" will be added.

Even at the Kakyoin escort event, you can carry him without lending your shoulders (movement speed does not change).

OVA Flesh Bud Kujo Residence Random Avdol extinguishes the flesh bud with Magician's Red's flames. A reference to the JoJo 2000 OVA.
The 7thjojo Song Home Refuse to go on the journey One of the endings in Chaos Mode. After you refuse to go on the journey two times, you will not get a game over unlike normal playthroughs. Head back to your home to see this ending.
Revenge Home Random chance (about 1/255) of occurring every time you enter your home after battling Kakyoin. The event is more likely if you have the Dissonance trait (1/15) or if you have the Screwball item (1/2, and the Screwball will be consumed after the event). The whole family goes missing.

Your bad karma raises significantly, and family-related events change.

The dialogue when battling Joey changes.

If you want this event to occur intentionally, you have no choice but to keep going in and out of your house.

If you have the Dissonance trait, the probability of occurrence will increase, the event content will change significantly and no bad karma is gained.

Rainbow Companion Hospital in Japan Defeat Rainbow, pass a day in Japan after beating her After agreeing to join the Joestars and defeating Rainbow at the arcade, she can be found in front of the hospital the next day, she will demand you pay her medical bills so she can afford to make a trip back to Egypt. You can either pay her bills (which will cost 100000G and raise her FP by 3), refuse, or invite her to join you on the trip to Egypt, where in the latter case she will become a party member. If you invite her to join you on the trip to Egypt, you will find her on the map of each location.

Note: You will not be able to enter your home after Rainbow joins the party.

Straight to Egypt Inside Plane Random (very low probability) One of the endings in Chaos Mode. The plane heads to straight to Egypt...?
Safe Trip Inside Plane Random Kakyoin will successfully knock out Gray Fly and his Stand will disappear, skips the fight against Tower of Gray and alters the following scenes on the plane.
Dangerous Stand Inside Plane Protagonist's Stand is Quicksilver or Napalm Death Like Avdol, the main character is said to be "dangerous in battle on an airplane" and cannot participate in the Tower of Gray battle.

If you skip the event with King Crimson, you can participate.

Save the Plane Inside Plane Random, Protagonist's Stand is Carpenters Special end. If the main character stand is "Carpenters", options will be generated after the battle with the Tower of Gray.

If you select "Yes", the main character repairs the destroyed plane and heads for Egypt as it is, but the plane will be destroyed by Pet Shop.

Shakedown Road Hong Kong None Fallen leaves appear in front of the convenience store. If you step on some of the fallen leaves, you will slip with great momentum.

If you crash into a vehicle or cart, you'll need to pay.

There is no particular penalty for lack of money.

Ninja Hong Kong Japanese Clothing is equipped Utah's dialogue before his fight changes when you have the Japanese Clothing equipped. It occurs even when you are not dressed as a ninja.

A reference to the web novel "Ninja Slayer".

Utah Companion Hong Kong Defeat Utah If your HP is at 50% or lower when fighting enemies after you defeat Utah, Utah will randomly join the party to help.

After the battle, if his HP is 100 or more, he will restore 50 HP for the entire party and leave.

If Utah's HP or SP is less than 100, you will be given the choice to add him to your party.

While Utah is in your party, he will be able to heal the collapsed people on the map. He also has a random chance to buy you food and commentate on it like Joseph when you eat from the street stalls.

If you have the Sickly trait and you pass out while Utah is in your party, you will get a short cutscene and a Cold Medicine.

An event which causes Utah to be inflicted with the Sick status effect will occur randomly while moving around Hong Kong. After he is inflicted with the status effect, he will randomly leave the party after some dialogue.

Utah will leave the party when you enter the hotel or when you leave Hong Kong.

Airplane End Hong Kong Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game Special end. You can suggest going by plane, contrary to the trend of going by sea as an option.

This time, a jet plane will be chartered and heads straight to Egypt .

What are you looking for? Hong Kong Random Polnareff pretends to be a waiter and approaches the group. A reference to UroJoJo.
Without inconvenience to other customers Hong Kong Random A fight occurs beside Polnareff when talking.
Power is average Hong Kong Random Nobody could understand Polnareff's explanation and thought he was flirting. Chariot runs out of strength and drops Polnareff.
Good "Spore"t Hong Kong Random After the battle with Polnareff, Kakyoin will laugh at Joseph's pun.
Smile Hong Kong Random After the battle with Polnareff, Jotaro will smile at Joseph's gag.

The screen darkens for a bit, then Jotaro will hit everyone.

Smile 2 Harbor Random Jotaro smiles at the request to take a picture.
Friendly Captain Charter Ship Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game Captain Tennille presents an ashtray to Jotaro.
Don't Get Caught By The Captain Charter Ship Random Captain Tennille does not touch his nose because of Jotaro's catch.
Runaway Girl Also Touches Charter Ship Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game, Friendly Captain has not occurred, 1/3 chance The runaway girl touches her nose when Jotaro pulls his cigarette trick. As a result, the situation becomes a big mess. If your chaos number is 6 or 7, this will unlock the "Bangle Steele" event at the Pakistani Border.


Ghost Ship Depends on the gender and characteristics of the player The runaway girl is standing in front of the shower room and says she wants to take a shower. If the player is a woman and not a lolicon, you can volunteer to be a lookout while she showers. If you had an oil bathing event upstairs, you'll have the option to enter together.

After the event, you'll enter the Forever battle alone. Jotaro shows up after a turn.

If you win before Jotaro comes, you will finish off Forever.

Note that you can't fight Kate due to this event's timing, and can't get the Badge of Honor or avoid Green Hornets 2 in other places.

Pheromones Ghost Ship Has entered the shower with the runaway girl, not acquired the Jotaro Fan trait, 1/10 chance This event has a low chance (1/10) of occurring when Jotaro comes to save you. After this, you get a little event upon arriving in the Foggy Village hotel. If your stand is Pixies, Napalm Death, Carpenters, or Adam Ant, you'll get different dialogue if your Bad Karma is 4 or more (1 or more Bad Karma in Adam Ant's case).

Additionally, if your stand is Adam Ant and you DON'T have any Bad Karma at the time of this event, the events of Foggy Village hotel are slightly different.

Jotaro's Hidden Talent Jotaro's Cigarette Occurs rarely when using the new healing item "Jotaro's Cigarette", a Jotaro exclusive item.

This also restores 50 HP and the use counter of cigarettes goes up by 5.

Note: Once this event has occurred, you will not be able to trigger the event in Fishing Village where Polnareff discusses about Jotaro's trick, and thus, gain no FP.

Tobacco End Use Jotaro's Cigarette 1000 times Occurs when Jotaro's Cigarette is used 1000 times.

Jotaro collapses due to too much smoking and you get a Game Over.

Utah VS Vins

Singapore Defeat Utah at the harbor Immediately after arriving in Singapore, the player will detect something and leave the hotel.

If you go to Utah's alleyway, a battle occurs and you get 3 FP with your companion.

It does not occur after the Devo event.

The regular battles between Zombie Utah and Vins will not occur.

If you triggered this event, you will be able to fight Utah in Edfu, even if your day count is over 22 and/or you have the Sword of St. George in your inventory.

Angry Rainbow Singapore Recruited Rainbow Occurs automatically after arriving at the 12th floor. You get caught up in the troubles of Rainbow and Joey.

Rainbow automatically joins the group. If you use the elevator, she'll leave.

Not In Time Singapore Random Before Devo hides in the refrigerator, he is caught by the player and Polnareff.
Devo Unnoticed Singapore Random Neither of them notice Devo hidden in the refrigerator, and a frozen Devo comes out from the refrigerator.

After that, he accidentally dies and the Ebony Devil fight is skipped.

Player's Intuition Singapore Random The player, not Polnareff notices Devo hiding in the refrigerator.
Rubber Soul Player Singapore Random Rubber Soul is transformed into the main character instead of Kakyoin. A hidden timer is activated and branches depending on whether or not the trade center building is reached within the time limit.
Mother and Son Reunion Singapore Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game Vins and Weather meet in the alley.

The Vins and Utah Zombies battles are skipped.

Satanic Coupler Train to India If you fall asleep on the train If you fall asleep in the train there will be a battle based on the light novel "Genesis of the Universe" where you fight Absalom's Satanic Coupler and Mical's Dark Mirage. During the event, Pesci will join you as an ally.
Mirror World Calcutta None Every time Kakyoin denies the world in the mirror, Illuso flickers on the screen.
Hospital Visit Varanasi Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game The protagonist can accompany Joseph to the doctor. The doctor is not killed and a disguised Joey's dialogue changes. Empress attacks Joseph at midnight.
Rainbow VS Empress Varanasi Recruited Rainbow during Empress escape If you recruit Rainbow BEFORE going into the back alley by talking to her at the food stand, she will join the fight with Empress.
Bangle Steele Pakistani Border Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game, Runaway Girl Also Touches has occurred When the runaway girl rejoins, she reveals that she was a stand user.
No mercy! Pakistani Border Random Kakyoin emerald splashes the car without hesitation, both during the teahouse event and while the spiked car is climbing upwards.

If the protagonist has Long-ranged Stand, there will be additional dialogue. This reduces WOF's HP by 800.

Rainbow Leaves Pakistani Border Rainbow recruited After the fight with Wheel of Fortune, Rainbow leaves the party to return to Egypt by plane.
Sparta Guidance Foggy Village Depends on the hidden number created at the start of the game, defeated Joey in Calcutta (male protagonist required) If triggered correctly, you'll see Joey in the scene where Enya mourns the death of her son. This changes the dialogue when fighting King Joey (provided that Revenge has not occurred).

Bonus: If you go outside the Foggy Village hotel and roam about, you'll hear the sounds of training. Hear the dialogue, go inside and knock on Enya's door. Go outside and repeat this 4 more times to unlock Evil to Evil event.

Hot Springs Foggy Village none There is a hot springs facility on the first floor of Enya's hotel as well as table tennis. Table tennis is decided by speed + random number
Slaves to Fate Banquet Foggy Village none The Slaves to Fate are having a banquet in the second floor of Enya's Hotel.
OHKO Dan Karachi Steely Dan's introduction cutscene isn't skipped Jotaro vs. Dan of Steel. if you can't do 999 damage in a single turn, you get a game over. If you flee, the event will play as normal.
Combined Demon Karachi Revenge has occurred, Female Protagonist Occurs on the 3rd floor of Joey's doll warehouse.

For some reason, dolls that look exactly like the main character's family are lined up. The protagonist, whose family is missing, feels discomfort.

When you check the doll several times and then try to get out of the room...

If this event occurs while the main character is Sickly or Squeamish, there is a 1/3 chance you'll get a game over if alone or brought to your hotel room if with a companion.

Note: Getting this event with Dissonance or Strange Family simply triggers a dialogue from the dolls.

Rescue Karachi Revenge has occurred, Dissonance has not occurred Occurs in a hidden room in Joey's doll warehouse. You can find a missing family member there.

You gain a lot of FP with your companion and lose the bad karma from the revenge event.

Midler Persuaded Submarine Random Jotaro successfully persuades Midler to let the Stardust Crusaders go.

This event is guaranteed to happen with Jotaro Fan trait if Jotaro's FP is 10 or above. Moreover, having Creepshots during this decreases Jotaro's FP by 1.

After that, Midler appears in each town, and when he talked with Jotaro, she joins the party at Lv 30. but she will leave when you enter the hotel (except for the fishing village).

She appears at the bar in the fishing village, inside the hotel in Aswan & Kom Umbo, "street stall" in Edfu, and "souvenir shop" in the northwest in Cairo, after Dio's mansion has been found.

Rainbow's Fortune-telling Fishing Village Paid Rainbow's bills in Japan or Rainbow leaves has occurred The fortune teller will be replaced by Rainbow. The fortunes will change, but FP gain will remain the same.
Evil to Evil Fishing Village Sparta Guidance has occurred If you did the above mentioned bonus event successfully, you get to fight Joey who has received special training from Enya, along with two Repair Doll Bits.
Reunion Fishing Village Revenge has occurred, Rescue has not occurred Your family is taken as hostage by Joey. To win, you must stop Joey from moving for 5 consecutive turns. After the battle, you will gain 3 FP with whoever was in your party, your Bad Karma will be reduced by 5 and you will gain 1 Surplus Fate Energy.

If you have the Dissonance trait, you will get a different scene and you won't have to stop Joey from moving for 5 consecutive turns. After the battle, you will gain 1 FP with whoever was in your party, but you will get 4 Surplus Fate Energy instead.

Mariah in Love Luxor Random Joseph manages to persuade Mariah. She will randomly help during certain field battles (Evil Ripple Master, Snipers, Mounted Soldiers, Female Zombies) by inflicting 50 damage and the Magnet status effect on the enemies.
Mariah Crushed Luxor Mariah in Love has not occurred, Random Mariah is killed by Joseph and Abdul's magnetic force. Afterwards, you'll gain 1 Surplus Fate Energy.
The cat is capricious Cafe Random During the "Cat and Meat" bet, the cat doesn't move as instructed by D'arby and Polnareff wins the bet. D'arby battle is automatically won.
The duo who survived Cairo Sewers Mother and Son Reunion has occurred, Submarine Route has been taken, 10 or more Surplus Fate Energy Vins hesitates for a bit before killing the Inc and Raul and they use this small gap to escape. Surplus Fate Energy decreases by 10 right after this scene.

After this, while fleeing from Pet Shop in the sewers, heading southwards from the starting point will allow you to talk to them and have them join you for this battle.

Rainbow's Escape Cairo Rainbow joined the journey to Egypt, headed back to Cairo after finding Dio's Manor Rainbow can be found wandering around Cairo southwest of the hotel. She can join your party if you have 3 or less characters in your party.

When you eat at the street stalls and cafes in Cairo, Rainbow will say something about the meal. After every meal, her hidden FP value has a 10% chance of increasing.

Rainbow's dialogue when recruiting her into the party will change when her FP is 7 or above.

If Rainbow's FP is 5 or above and you have 1500G or more, you will be able to trigger an event by talking to the clerk on the top left of the souvenir shop while Rainbow is in your party. When you exit the shop menu, Rainbow will say something and you will be given an option to buy her a Hieroglyphic Ring. Choosing Yes will raise Rainbow's FP by 2 and she will equip it. Note that to initiate this event, you may need to try talking to the clerk multiple times before it will trigger Rainbow to initiate dialogue.

Talking to the hotel clerk or interacting with the car outside the hotel will remove her from the party.

I Don't Know Love Dio's Manor Dissonance has occurred The protagonist speaks their mind in front of Dio's casket. Family related dialogue change during this and in certain endings (like Kakyoin or Iggy).
Avenger Dio's Manor Revenge has occurred but Rescue or Reunion has not occurred The protagonist speaks their mind about avenging their family in front of Dio's casket. There are 18 variations of dialogue depending on the stand. Family related dialogue in certain endings (like Kakyoin or Iggy) also change.
Revived Diavolo Every location where Diavolo appears No GER Disc in inventory Diavolo overcomes the loop. This version of Diavolo is much stronger than the regular one. He has a 15% chance to drop the GER Disc. If you have the GER Disc in your inventory, he will turn back into the regular Diavolo.
Tying Up Loose Ends Harbor, Saudi Arabia, Submarine, Cafe Bad Karma is above a certain value You are given an option to kill certain enemies that were spared their lives. Doing so will increase your bad karma and the ghost of the killed person will appear in the Sanctuary. The enemies and their requirements are:

Emilio: 3+ Bad Karma (-3 FP with whoever was in your party)

Mannish Boy: Charm of Karachi and 7+ Bad Karma (This gives 5 Energy instead of 1.)

Midler: 8+ Bad Karma and Toxicant

D'arby: Leaving it to Jotaro, 7+ Bad Karma (-1 FP with Jotaro and Abdul)

Note: Defeating Kate, Don Cherry, Faith and Amber in Chaos Mode also gives you 1 Surplus Fate Energy without any Bad Karma requirement.

Rainbow VS Dio Inner Cairo Highest FP with Joseph, fled or lost the first three fights with Dio, Rainbow's FP is 10 or above Rainbow will join in during the 4th fight with Dio. (The scene where Dio goes back to suck Joseph's body dry, only to find it missing.) You will not be able to trigger this event if you saved Stroheim and Speedwagon.
The End is not the End Basement of Dio's Mansion GER Disc in inventory, 3 or more Surplus Fate Energy Fulfilling these requirements would give you an option of using the GER Disc. Doing so will change Vins' fate and the Disc disappears.
Rainbow at the Airport Airport The End is not the End has occurred (you don't need to use the GER Disc, but the event needs to occur), Rainbow's FP is 10 or above Rainbow chases you at the airport and asks you to shelter her from remaining DIO's minions.
Living with Rainbow Airport Rainbow's FP is 10 or above, you are not Perverted, Orphan has occurred, or Revenge has occurred but Rescue or Reunion has not occurred You will be given a choice to live with Rainbow in Japan. If you choose to live with her, Rainbow will appear in most post-credits scenes.
Utah End Post-credits Scene Utah VS Vins has occurred, 10 or more Surplus Fate Energy Utah appears after every character ending (except Polnareff's) asking the protagonist for a rematch.
Blinding Light Post-credits Scene Polnareff End, Utah VS Vins has occurred, 10 or more Surplus Fate Energy Variation of Utah End.

A certain somebody chased after Polnareff and the protagonist while they were isolated and helpless.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS: Diavolo 6666 6666 6666 GER Disc Range: S. Immune to most status effects but weak to Fear. The GER Disc is a rare drop. If you have the GER Disc in your inventory, he will turn back into the regular Diavolo.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Steely Dan 999 100 300 Meat Spray Range: S. You will get a game over if you do not defeat him in a single turn. If you flee, the event will proceed according to the original story. While he doesn't attack, he will laugh and provoke you.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Murderdoll Family 1000 3000 1500 Diamond C Range: M. At the beginning of the battle, there is a chance that you'll be surprised by the enemy and if your Bad Karma is 5 or less, you'll be inflicted with Confused.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Absalom (Stand: Satanic Coupler) 500 2000 0 Badge of Honor Range: S. Has high defense and speed and immune to most status effects except Darkness, CantFind, Distract, NoSenses and OffGuard. Hooking him with Beach Boy prevents your team from getting surprised. If you just wail on them with your strongest S ranged moves, they're easy to beat, but will run away after a turn or two. The damage done accumulates, so use this method to defeat them.
Shockwave 1000 0 0 None Basically invincible. Creates Shockwave Barrier to defend Satanic Coupler, then releases its energy and disappears.

King Joey

3000 5000 5000 Nuclear Warhead Range: M. Basically the same as regular King Joey but has a chance to inflict Dizzy on himself or Repair Doll Bits every 3 turns. Defeating him also destroys the Repair Doll Bits.
Repair Doll Bit 999 100 500 Surgical Tools Range: M. Appears in groups of 2 along with King Joey. Recommended to take out first since they usually heal or raise King Joey's stats. Has a chance to self-destruct once its HP falls below 20% . Weak to Blowback, Freeze, OnFire and Surge.