Chicken Shack
Namesake Chicken Shack (British blues band)
User Emilio
Distance Close-Range
Class Bound

Chicken Shack is the stand of Emilio. He uses it to attack if pursued in the Harbor.


Chicken Shack is bound to an actual chicken, and turns it into a gigantic beast that can manipulate air. The stand muse be in contact with the chicken to stay active, so he rides atop it using the stand as a saddle. It can move at high speeds, launch blasts of high-pressure air, shoot poisonous gas, and stomp foes with its huge talons.

Enemy Data

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Chicken Shack 300 - - Starplatodine Emilio's Stand. Range: M. Can inflict Poison and Confuse with its attacks. Extremely fast with a Speed stat of 500.
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