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Not to be confused with the actual creator of 7th Stand User, known as Clayman.

The Creator is a bonus boss found in the Sanctuary. He is based off the Creator boss of Final Fantasy Legend, and his dialogue is taken and translated directly from the game.


The God-Slaying Axe[]

After defeating Alessi, talk to him in the Sanctuary, and he may reveal the location of his axe. Check a certain spot in the river to start a boss fight by choosing the middle dialogue option. Winning will give you an item that will make the following battle with the Creator substantially easier.

The Creator[]

If Jotaro's level is above 40, talking to the Creator will start a battle. Defeating him will cause him to disappear, allowing access to the door behind, which leads to the Debug Room. Note that he will respawn if you leave the room.

(Note: The dialogue in this battle is a reference to the final battle of The Final Fantasy Legend. There is a glitch in that game that allows the Creator to be insta-killed with a Chainsaw, which is why the item from the event above can be used to defeat him, and also why he will bar you from using Joykiller or Carpenters' Chainsaw attack. The Creator's sprite is ripped directly from the game, and despite the striking similarities, he has nothing to do with Speedwagon.)

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
FINAL FANTASY LEGEND BOSS: Creator 9999 99,999 999,999 - Possesses extremely high stats, powerful elemental attacks, and immunity to all status effects except for OffGuard - he is a god, after all. If you have Cars' Right Arm, you can end the battle instantly. In addition, he's able to be affected by Star Platinum: The World (can be purchased from the vending machines in the Developer's Room.)

After the game is cleared 3 times, Creator has a chance to become immune to Stop Time. This chance increases every time the game is cleared, with Creator becoming immune to it after the game is cleared 10 times.