7th Stand User Wiki
Death 13
Namesake Death (Tarot card)
User Mannish Boy
Distance Short-Range

Death 13 is the stand of Mannish Boy, and is optionally fought in its created dreamworld in Saudi Arabia.


If your FP with Kakyoin is 7 or more, when Kakyoin attempts to convince the group that the baby is a Stand user, you will be given the option to believe him. Doing so will raise his FP by 3, and allow Kakyoin to fight Death 13 1v1. If your FP with Kakyoin is 10 or more before the aforementioned FP bonus, he'll give you the Charm of Karachi, an equippable item, and you'll be able to fight a battle with Kakyoin vs. Death 13 and Fake Star Platinum. Choosing not to believe him will give you the option to skip the event, as this route does not lead to a battle.

If your stand is Cardigans, Carpenters, or Crazy Diamond, Death 13's arc may be skipped and you will instead fight The Tyde.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Death 13 (User: Mannish Boy) 1300 1500 1400 Darbitol Range: S. Can only be fought if the protagonist chose to believe Kakyoin's story. Appears with Fake Star Platinum.
BOSS: Fake Star Platinum 300 - - Starplatodine Range: M, but uses close-range attacks. Make sure to defeat it for its Starplatodine.