Deep Purple
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Japanese Name ディープ・パープル (Diipu Paapuru)
Namesake Deep Purple (hard rock band)
User (Default Name) 煙崎 (Tabasaki)
Distance Short-Range
Class Control Type
Power A
Speed B
Range E
Precision A
Durability A
Potential B

"Made of smoke, it can manipulate atmospheric density. It can poison the air around it, change the air pressure, and detonate hydrogen and oxygen particles. However, its range is extremely short. The smoke that composes the Stand flows out of the skull-faced jar in the center." (In-Game Description)

"You are lukewarm and hate to be bothered to do much of anything, but are also dignified. You assert yourself easily, are thick-skinned, and have few worries. However, you are obstinate, contrarian, and hate to lose, often preventing it by aggressive means. You are overbearing and rebellious, but have talent to back it up." (Personality Evaluation)

Base StatsEdit

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 35 14 18 19 22
50 600 528 144 137 299 236

What Deep Purple lacks in raw power, it makes up for in utility. Despite having underwhelming Attack for a close-range Stand, it has a 1HKO attack unlocked at the very beginning of the game, and unlike most Stands which are mostly limited to one element, it learns a variety of wind, fire, ice, and non-elemental skills. However, a rather slow movement speed means Deep Purple lacks one-on-one potential. This makes it ideal for advanced players who know their way around the game's mechanics and can create strategies around their other team members.


Deep Purple's normal attack is short-range, physical, hits all enemies, and has a 40% chance of inflicting Poison.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Stand Attack 1 1 Directly attacks an enemy with your Stand. (S)
Poison Gas 10 1 Inflicts Poison status on all enemies.
Vacuum 4 1 Inflicts Wind damage and occasionally K.O's enemy. / +NoBreath
Heat Strike 10 2 Inflicts non-ranged fire damage on all enemies.
Tear Gas 10 2 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies.
Desperation Attack 3 3 Inflicts non-elemental damage on all enemies. (S)
Air Bullet 8 3 Inflicts wind damage on an enemy. / (M) +Fear/BlowBack
Hypno Gas 10 4 Inflicts Sleep status on all enemies.
Explosion 8 5 Inflicts non-elemental damage on an enemy. / (S) +OnFire/BlowBack
Air Pocket 12 5

Wind damage and sometimes 1HKO on enemies./ (S) +NoBreath


10 6 Inflicts non-ranged ice damage on all enemies.
Sandstorm 10 8 Inflicts non-ranged wind damage on all enemies. / +NoBreath/1HKO
Dust Cloud 4 8 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies.
Lightning 10 10 Inflicts non-ranged electric damage on all enemies.
Bomb Volley 12 10 Inflicts non-elemental damage on all enemies. / (S) +OnFire/BlowBack
Detonation 16 15 Inflicts severe damage on an enemy. / (S) +OnFire/BlowBack
A-Bomb Volley 24 17 Inflicts severe damage on all enemies. / (S) +OnFire/BlowBack
A-Bomb 32 19 Inflicts crippling damage on an enemy. / (S) +OnFire/BlowBack
Contaminate1 100 40 Inflicts damage & various status effects on all enemies.
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects
Mirage2 20 * Inflicts Confuse/Distract/Fear

1Poison, Sleep, Darkness, Paralyze, Berserk, Drunk, BlowBack, Fear, Confuse, Dissolve, OnFire, Surge and/or NoBreath

2Obtainable by defeating Amber in Edfu


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
D-Rush Jotaro
D-Shot Kakyoin
D-Briar Joseph
D-Fire Abdul
D Sword Polnareff
D-Sand Iggy