7th Stand User Wiki

If you received one of the 8 endings that unlocks postgame content (any of the individual character routes, Hol Horse End or the Succession End) you'll be admitted to the Developer's Room after the credits. Here, you can talk to characters to learn more about the backstory, use the computer to make a character code for the player-vs-player minigame, and most importantly, exchange Badges of Honor for New Game + and other special features.

Talking to Steel will allow you to reset EXP levels and Friendship Points. Resetting levels will not erase skills you've learned from scrolls or boosts to base stats gained from status-up items like Starplatodine. In addition, on the fourth playthrough and up, you can save the game in exchange for a Badge of Honor.

Vending Machines[]

The first 4 machines from the left unlock New Game + features:

  • New Game + in exchange for 1 Badge of Honor. (Free on the 3rd playthrough and up)
  • King Crimson, which gives you the option of skipping in-game cutscenes, in exchange for 3 Badges of Honor. If you already have King Crimson enabled here, you can disable it and get 10x Phantom Blood and 100,000G as compensation. (You will not get your Badges of Honor back.)
  • Star Platinum: The World, which gives Jotaro a time stop ability, in exchange for 5 Badges of Honor.
  • Josuke's Disc in exchange for 9 Badges of Honor. This is not just cosmetic, but an original story for Higashikata Josuke. However, neither of his endings allow access to the Developer's Room, so be careful not to overwrite your previous file.

The vending machines on the right unlock various equippable items and skill scrolls that can be used on repeat playthroughs.

Item Price Description
Luck & Pluck Blade 10,000 A legendary sword. Power/Spirit +30, nullifies Fear/Bind/OffGuard
Steel Balls 10,000 Nullifies Dizzy/BlowBack/CantFind/Darkness
Rohan's Manuscript 10,000 Halves SP cost of techniques
Ripple Mask 1,000 Ripple training mask. Prevents Poison and Ripple.
Cold-Proof Suit 10,000 Halves Ice damage/nullifies Frozen status when equipped.
Flame-Proof Suit 10,000 Halves Fire damage/nullifies OnFire when equipped.
Insulating Suit 10,000 Halves Electric damage/nullifies Surge when equipped.
Indestructible Coat 10,000 Halves physical damage/nullifies Bleeding when equipped.
SPW Armor 20,000 Power, Durability, and Speed +15, Spirit +2. Raises evasion. Halves damage from all physical and elemental attacks except for Light and Dark. Prevents Bleeding, BlowBack, Frozen, OnFire, Surge, and Bind.
Item Price Description
Secret Book Vol. 1 1,000 Teaches Ripple Breathing skill.
Secret Book Vol. 2 5,000 Teaches Ripple Rush skill.
Secret Book Vol. 3 5,000 Teaches +- Ripple skill.
Secret Book Vol. 4 10,000 Teaches Sunlight Yellow Overdrive skill.
Secret Book Vol. 5 15,000 Teaches Ripple Cutter skill.
Secret Book Vol. 6 15,000 Teaches Scarlet Overdrive skill.
Secret Book Vol. 7 15,000 Teaches Turquoise Blue Overdrive skill.
Secret Book Vol. 8 20,000 Teaches Metal Silver Overdrive skill.
Secret Book Vol. 9 50,000 Teaches Thunder Split Attack skill.
Secret Book Vol. 10 100,000 Teaches Thunder Cross Split Attack skill.
Secret Book Vol. 11 100,000 Teaches Ripple Quake skill.
Secret Book Vol. 12 100,000 Teaches Ripple Gale skill.
Item Price Description
Psychology 101 100 Teaches Fearless Laugh skill.
Doraecat Comics 100 Teaches Laugh skill.
Training For Boys 100 Teaches Loud Yell skill.
How Now, Kowtow 100 Teaches Kowtow skill.
Low Blows 100 Teaches Bluff skill.
Looking For Trouble 100 Teaches Provoke skill.
Scary Story 100 Teaches Cry skill.
Item Price Description
D4C Disk 30,000 A mysterious disk that prevents 1HKO.
Missile 2,000 A missile complete with a portable launcher.
Nuclear Warhead 50,000 A warhead complete with a portable launcher.
1000 EXP 10,000 +1000EXP to all party members.
10,000 EXP 80,000 +10,000EXP to all party members.
UV Flash Grenades 5,000 Special grenades that release ultraviolet light.

If you cleared the game 5 times, you can also buy:

Item Price Description
Chaotic Key 999,999 Allows Chaos Mode to be selected when starting a new game. Can also be purchased from the treasure chest regardless of the number of playthroughs.

If you cleared the game 10 times, you can also buy:

Item Price Description
Book of Evil 10,000 +1~3 bad karma.
Book of Cleansing 10,000 -1~3 bad karma.
Deep Pass Water 100,000 Holy water taken from the Tibetan Nu. One-time buff to all stats in battle.
Abbacchio's "Tea" 500 Inflicts physical damage + status ailments on an enemy.
Screwball 10,000 Increases the probability of getting the event Revenge in Chaos Mode.
Stone Mask Fragment 10,000 Increases the probability of getting Strange Family or Destiny of Zeppeli in Chaos Mode.
Family Photo 10,000 Increases the probability of getting Strange Family, Parent-less Household or Orphan.
Creepshots 10,000 Secret photos of... Jotaro? Adds to Chaos Mode.

If you cleared the game 15 times, you can also buy:

Item Price Description
Rotten Blood 100 Causes the event Dissonance to occur, provided that no other family events have activated.

If you cleared the game 30 times, you can also buy:

Item Price Description
GER Disc 100,000 Gold Experience Requiem's Disc. Used during End is not the End event.

Extra Boss[]

After clearing the game 10 times, you can battle Stroheim by talking to him.

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped G Dropped item Notes
Stroheim 9999 410,681 6 UV Amplifier Since you can't use the radio to equip or change tactics in the Dev Room, you'll have to do so before fighting Vins (or before entering the mansion on the Succession End). His Rocket Punch can inflict Stop, BlowBack, or Dizzy and stunlock you, so the Steel Balls are useful here. Defeating him drops the UV Amplifier, a limited-use version of the Ultraviolet Lasers that hits all enemies.

Deus Ex Machina[]

If you have 99 Badges of Honor, talking to Golem (Clayman's Husband) in the Developer's Room will have him offer "Cheats" in exchange for all 99 of the badges. He warns that this will break the game, but since you have 99 badges, you've probably done everything anyways. Doing this will give you the "Deus Ex Machina" equipment. According to the description, "Prevent Ailments and Critical Hits, halves SP use." This includes every status effect except for Bashful, Corrode, Stomachache, Sick, & Hungry. It also increases evasion, and when it is equipped, it also appears as the equipment of your other party members, allowing them to gain its effects.

In addition to that, enabling 'cheats' will put 99 of every stat-raising item into your inventory, as well as 99 of all of the repackaged forms of the stronger healing items (Super Diamond C, Overdrive SP, G.E.R. Deluxe, and Ripple Champagne). Finally, the default equipment of the other party members will be added to your inventory as well.