7th Stand User Wiki

Deviant is a character that appears in almost every location in the game when your day count is 48 or higher. By paying him 50,000G, he will be able to decrease your day count by 10 days.


Map Location
Hong Kong South of the map near the congee vendor
Harbor Near the mat where you can find Kakyoin
Singapore South of the map between the coconut vendor and the restaurant
Calcutta Near the fisherman in the bridge area
Varanasi Southwest of the map near the hospital
Foggy Village Bottom floor of Enya's hotel
Rest Stop Northeast of the map
Karachi South of the map near the boat shop
Sundarbans Southwest of the map
Fishing Village Southwest of the map near the restaurant
Aswan South of the hotel near the show window with a TV
Kom Ombo South of the map
Edfu Southwest of the map near Amber
Cairo South of the map between the theatre and the clothes vendor


  • According to Clayman, Deviant’s real name is "Form Number Devi-8". The stand user is just a finger. He is a cyborg from the future (or more accurately, a humanoid robot with a finger). He is indistinguishable from flesh and blood. He approaches them by disguising his appearance as "someone who looks exactly like someone they have seen before.” In the game, he looks exactly like Toyohiro Kanedaichi in Part 4. The stand user of Inner Days is the owner of the finger. This stand can shift only all events through betting and negotiation. Deviant used this ability to travel to the past. The future he came from has collapsed due to “the acceleration of time" in Part 6, and is no longer in existence. As long as “the new cycle of time” continues, this future will never come. He doesn't intend to save the future world or do anything about this world. The original is Roald Dahl's short story "Man from the South".