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Diavolo is a special boss that only appears on the second playthrough and up. Like Emporio's Room, he is hidden in a different spot in almost every location on both paths. When you find him, answer No to his question to battle him. While he can be battled at any point the game, doing so early on in the game is not recommended unless you are using a Stand that has experience from a previous playthrough. You will want to wait until at least Calcutta if the rest of your party's experience carried over, or the Fishing Village if not. He has a chance to run away, and if he does, he will disappear from the map, but you can fight him again by entering and exiting a building.


City Location
Japan Parking lot on the east side of the map
Hong Kong Outside the cafeteria on the west side of the map
Harbor By the pillars in the northwest
Ghost Ship B1F
Singapore In front of the trade building
Calcutta Northwest of the marketplace
Varanasi Close to the cul-de-sac by the hotel
Foggy Village Just outside the hotel
Karachi First floor of Don Cherry's mansion
Deserted Island In the grass during the search for Cameo
SPW Foundation Camp Northwest corner of camp
West Bengal In the ruined town
Sundarbans Infirmary on the 3rd floor of the radio tower, or the bathroom on the 4th floor
Arabian Mansion Central hall, 2nd floor (bugged, and will crash the game if a fight begins)
Deserted Island North of the patch of dirt where Judgment is initially fought at
Fishing Village In the rubble on the right side of the map
Aswan South of the ruins, or inside on the 1st floor
Kom Ombo Southeast corner of town
Edfu Near the kiosk in the southeast corner of town
Luxor During the Mariah chase, on the left side near where 3 chests are lined up
Cairo Running around northwest of the hotel

Enemy Data[]





Dropped Items Notes
Diavolo 3500 4444 4444 S: Requiem G.E.

M: Experience Tablet

Immune to most status effects, but susceptible to Fear. He can inflict the Predict status on your party, reducing all your stats for 2 turns, or the EraseTime status, meaning only he can act. Besides this, he also has several skills that inflict Fear and a few very strong attacks. His "Welp!" attack has very low accuracy but does quite a lot of damage and has a chance to lower all your stats or, worse yet, 1HKO you. It's best to beat him quickly, since he can run away from battle at any time, which leaves you without rewards. However, he'll only run when he's at M range.
Diavolo 6666 6666 6666 GER Disc Range: S. Immune to most status effects other than Fear. The GER Disc is a rare drop. If you have the GER Disc in your inventory, he will turn back into the regular Diavolo.