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Dirty Work
Japanese Name ダーティ・ワーク (Date Waku)
Namesake Dirty Work (Steely Dan song)
User Don Cherry
Distance Close-Range
Class Power Type

Original art by Hiru

Dirty Work is the stand of Don Cherry. It can be fought alongside him in Karachi.

Dirty Work is able to create invisible blades suspended in the air. These blades can also create "slash energy" that remains after slicing. Though this energy disappears after a few minutes, it can be used as a projectile. The stand can also morph itself into blade form and be used as a human-sized sword.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS: Dirty Work 500 500 300 Indestructible Coat Don Cherry's Stand. Generates Slash Energy which can inflict Bleeding status.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Slash Energy 20 50 - - Range: S. 3 appear at the start of the battle. Can still be attacked despite being invisible.