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Dream World is an area accessed from the Sanctuary (after losing to Vins on the 4th playthrough) and Debug Room.


It contains three separate rooms and a hallway. The first room contains the Pucci family (Enrico, Domenico, and Perla). The middle room contains Vins and Wes Bluemarine as a baby. The room on the right matches the room at the protagonist's home, complete with a bed that the protagonist can sleep in. The hallway contains a demon, a character that will change depending on what day you accessed the Dream World, and an orb that will return you to the title screen if the Dream World was accessed from the Sanctuary. The hallway will only contain Utah and the orb if the Dream World was accessed from the Debug Room.

Talking to any character besides the demon will cause them to say a variety of things, though they won't turn to face the protagonist. The demon will always say the same thing, and will turn. Utah's dialogue will change depending on how long you have stayed in the Dream World.

On days 0 to 9, Joey will appear in the hallway if he was fought in Singapore. On days 10 to 19, Faith will appear in the hallway if he was defeated in the Fishing Village. On days 20 to 29, Alice will appear in the hallway. On days 30 to 39, your father will appear. On days 40 to 47, your sister will appear. On days 48 to 50, your mother will appear. While the characters will say a variety of things, your mother will say some notable things about her bloodline.

If you are playing in Chaos Mode and you have the Dissonance trait, your family will appear in the Dream World. If you are an Orphan or Revenge has occurred but Rescue or Reunion has not occurred, your family will not appear. If you live in a Parent-less Household, only your sister will appear.

Easter Egg[]

Sleeping in the bed enough times will cause the place to change. After a few times sleeping, the window will turn black and display "TURN IT OFF" and "PRESS F12" repeatedly (a reference to a Shin Megami Tensei urban legend), before returning you back to the room. This will cause all characters besides the player to disappear, and a dark humanoid figure to appear in the middle. Interacting with the orb will cause the figure to move to the door. Its eyes will enlarge after a period of time. Selecting to go back to the title screen will cause the orb to disappear, and your character will erratically move before returning to the title screen.

If you stand in front of the dark figure before its eyes enlarge, the message will appear again, and eyes will gradually emerge from the screen. Two messages will appear. The first is a black message saying "REALITY IS COMING FOR YOU", the second is "I WILL CAPTURE THOSE WHO ESCAPE REALITY" in the same font color. When the second message appears, gray hands appear on the screen.