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Original art by Clayman

Emilio is an antisocial, paranoid young man who can be found, chased, and fought in the Harbor. He is the user of Chicken Shack.


Emilio discovered his stand after being pricked by the arrow, and began a rampage around town. His extreme persecution complex had convinced him he was being judged and laughed at by people around him, and he caused destruction as a means of getting back at them.


Many people around town will mention a mysterious string of incidents involving an attacker who leaves behind large bird footprints, and a nervous-looking man hiding at the docks to the west. Check behind one of the pillars to find an enemy Stand user. He'll run away, but if you catch him a few times (not so easy to do, as he runs at max speed the final time, so try to get him cornered) you can begin a battle. Defeat him for -1 bad karma, +1 FP for whoever was in your party, and a Badge of Honor. In addition, if your Stand is Wildhearts, it will chase him and bring him back when he tries to escape, starting the battle immediately.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS: Emilio 150 250 500 Foo Fightalin

Badge of Honor

Range: M. Weak to Fire and Light. Considerably fast at 150 Speed, though not quite so much as Chicken Shack. Focus your attacks on him. Vulnerable to berserk. Can throw knives in hard mode.