7th Stand User Wiki
Namesake The Emperor (Tarot card)
User Hol Horse
Distance Long-Range
Class Special Type
Power B
Speed B
Range B
Precision E
Durability C
Potential E

Emperor is the Stand of Hol Horse.

Base Stats[]

Hol Horse's tactic is "Fight Normally" and he joins at level 20 in the Arabian Mansion.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
20 168 170 79 48 89 110
50 600 735 207 145 250 486


Name SP




Stone Toss 1 2 Inflicts damage on one opponent.
Shoot 3 2 Damages a foe. (L)
Laugh 0 2 Laughs at the enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Cardiac Massage 5 3 Revives an ally from K.O.
Provoke 1 3 Provokes an enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Rapid-Fire 8 3 Inflicts a lot of damage on an enemy. (L)
Headshot 23 3 Often 1HKOs the enemy. (L)
Warning Shot 6 8 Inflicts Fear status on all enemies.
Loud Yell 0 10 Yells in a booming voice to remove confusion.
Ointment 10 13 Ointment and gauze. Restores 50 HP.
Homing Shot 10 16 Fires a homing shot that targets all enemies.
Antidote 5 18 Removes Poison status.
Arm Shot 16 18 Shoots the enemy's arms and lowers Atk power. (L)
Leg Shot 16 20 Shoots the enemy's legs to lower Speed. (L)
Sharpshooting 16 23 Fires a defense-piercing shot at an enemy. (L)
Open Fire 15 25 Inflicts a lot of damage on an enemy. (L)
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects.

Despite the description for 'Open Fire' being the same as for 'Rapid-Fire', the former hits all enemies while the latter doesn't.