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At present, there are 20 unique endings, not counting the variations in the scenes following the character endings that trigger depending on which Stand the player character has. To access New Game +, you must get either one of the character endings, which requires the entire party's FP to total 30 or more, or get the Succession End or the alternate Hol Horse End, which has requirements outlines in the guide below. You must also have at least one Badge of Honor.

If you've reached Cairo and...

  • Don't have enough Badges of Honor

There are a few Badges of Honor that can be obtained during endgame: one in the Rolling Stone Maze, 1 each from Wham, Shadow Dio, and Kars in the Sanctuary, and 1 or 2 (depending on the route) by defeating Dio in battle, rather than through events, during normal gameplay.

  • Don't have enough FP

If your total FP is under 30 when you enter Dio's mansion, you'll get a bad ending and won't be able to access New Game +. Luckily, there are a few ways to grind out FP before fighting Dio. Fighting Shadow Dio or Wham in the Sanctuary provides a significant amount of extra FP, and the boss rush triggered by talking to The Scribe Ani after fighting Pet Shop also has a chance to give bonus FP, and Iggy has a random chance to gain 1FP after a battle with him in the party, so you can simply keep fighting enemies in Cairo until your total is high enough. Alternatively, if you have enough Badges of Honor, you can gain a couple of FP by getting the Judgement Summon event and asking for "someone who understands you". If worst comes to worst, you can attempt to enter the Debug Room, but that will be especially difficult on the first playthrough.

A detailed ending walkthrough is below.

Normal Ending[]

Requirements: Total sum of entire party's FP is under 30.

In this ending, there is no final showdown after defeating Dio, and you will not be taken to the Developer's Room. This means that you will not be able to access any postgame content or start a New Game + if this ending is received. You also cannot trigger secret endings such as the Hol Horse ED by going this route.

If you'd like to see the ending out of curiosity, just make sure to keep your FP low - an easy way to do this is by playing on Easy or Hard mode, which sets all party member's FP at the start of the game to -10. But once again, proceed with caution, as clearing the game this way will not be counted as far as New Game + and the Succession ED is concerned.

Individual Party Member Endings[]

Requirements: The total sum of entire party's FP is 30 or higher.

To trigger this event, simply proceed through the game normally with an FP total of 30. You will be placed on the route of whichever character has the highest FP. If two or more characters are tied, the priority for these endings is Iggy > Polnareff > Abdul > Joseph > Kakyoin > Jotaro.

Each event has a short scene that triggers depending on which Stand user you are. There are 9 in total, meaning the following pairs of Stand users share their endings:

Red Garland and Ocean Blue

Howlin' Wolf and Quicksilver

The Joykiller and Mr. Big

Sonic Youth and Pixies

Wildhearts and Specials

Deep Purple and Cardigans

Miracles and Napalm Death

Carpenters and Pharoah Sanders

Caravan and Adam Ant

Since there are 9 variations in total across 6 characters, this makes the total of different character endings you can achieve a whopping 54.

Joseph also has an additional ending if you're on his route and have saved Stroheim, Speedwagon, and Dire, wherein the Ripple Warriors assist Joseph in the battle against Dio. If your FP with Joseph is 20 or higher, you'll get another extra scene where Joseph parts with his old comrades.

A transcript of the final scenes for each of these endings can be found here.

Special Endings[]

All the below events have requirements that are difficult or even impossible to fulfill on the first playthrough. In addition, all of the endings below apart from the Succession ED and the alternate Hol Horse ED will NOT allow you to access postgame content.

Dropout End[]

Requirements: Shot by Hol Horse in Calcutta instead of Abdul.

When in the hospital after being shot in India, Joseph will ask you if you'd like to go home to Japan. Answer yes, and you'll get to see the ending credits, followed by a monologue from the protagonist. Afterwards, you'll be booted back to the title screen.

Hol Horse End[]


  • Total sum of party's FP is between 30 and 35
  • Over 10 bad karma points
  • Chose the Submarine Route
  • Did NOT watch over Kakyoin in the hospital
  • Triggered the Hol Horse & Boingo event, and attempted to persuade Hol Horse instead of ambushing him
  • Choose to help Jotaro fight Dio after Joseph is knocked out, so that Hol Horse joins the battle from the shadows (Important Note: This event will not be available if you chose to pursue on Jotaro's route or were forced to pursue on Polnareff's route.)
  • Joseph's FP under 20 (otherwise, the post-Joseph route scene will take precedent)

After ALL the above requirements are met, you'll be offered a choice in the airport of whether to go back to Japan or stay in Egypt. Choose the latter to watch this ending.

  • Polnareff's FP is 16 or above.

As well, if this additional requirement is met along with ALL the other requirements above, you will get an extra scene and you will be able to access postgame content. Because the total sum of the party's FP needs to be between 30 and 35 and you need to choose to flee with Kakyoin and Joseph in order to help Jotaro fight Dio after Joseph is knocked out, you must at least have Polnareff's FP at 16 and another character's at 17 and 0 for everyone else. You will need to plan ahead and be familiar with the many events in the game that affect FP to achieve this ending. Playing on Hard Mode might help you meet this strict FP requirement with its FP deduction.

Note: Although this ending takes you to the Developer's Room, it will not count towards the amount of times you cleared the game.

Senator Wilson Phillips End[]

Requirements: Total sum of party's FP is 40 or higher, chose the 'fleeing' route when escaping Dio's mansion.

If you meet the above requirements, you'll be offered a choice when Dio commands Senator Wilson Phillips to drive on the sidewalk. Saying 'yes' will cause the story to continue normally, but saying 'no' will cause the Senator to give a speech, then initiate a battle against Dio. Win to get a special ending where you get to hear a monologue from the Senator as well as a CG (?) of his smiling face.

The version of Dio fought here has much lower stats, so as long as you use Push It To The Limit a couple times and keep track of your HP, you should be fine. However, after a while, Dio will start to break out The World, as well as his Vapor Freeze attack, which can sometimes insta-kill you. The Ultraviolet Lasers item deal more damage than Senator Wilson Philips normal attack, so it might be useful to use it. If you're on a New Game +, you can bring Nuclear Warheads, as this ending just leads back to the title screen anyhow, so they won't be wasted. He's also susceptible to poison, so Toxicants work well. Also, if 100 turns pass, Senator Wilson Phillips will learn his ultimate technique: the Sunlight Yellow Senator Life.

Manga Character Endings[]

Requirements: Playing as Josuke

If you're playing as Josuke using the Disk from the Developer's Room, there are two different endings you can receive depending on your choices during the final showdown with Vins - a regular ending, and a bad ending which will not show the end credits. Neither ending will allow you to access New Game + features.

Betrayal Endings[]

Requirements: Over 10P of bad karma, Joseph's FP is 12 or less, went with Polnareff to fight Vanilla Ice, not on Abdul or Iggy's route

Bad karma is a hidden variable, so it can't be viewed outside of the debug room. However, there are a couple ways to tell if you have enough bad karma to achieve this ending:

  • After using the Radio to check FP, Steel says something along the lines of "Also... Nah, nevermind."
  • If you ask your party members to talk a walk with you, their replies will be different.
  • In the Church of the Dark Lord in Cairo, you'll be able to see demons.

Be careful, as warping to Cairo through the Debug Room will reset any accumulated bad karma to 0.

Bad karma is usually gained through making 'evil' choices in cutscenes, but there are other ways to get it. Reading the Book of Evil purchased from a traveling merchant will raise it 1~2P at a time, killing the soldier guarding the terrorist hideout on the Submarine Route will raise it anywhere from 8~10P, and donating 100,000G to the Church of the Dark Lord in Cairo will give you the required 10 points of bad karma instantly.

Once you've fulfilled all the requirements, you'll be offered a choice of whether or not to follow Dio when you first encounter him on the stairs after fighting Vanilla Ice. If Polnareff's FP is 15 or higher, and/or Kakyoin's is 20 or higher, they'll both join you in betraying the Joestars. Either way, as long as you pledge your loyalty after defeating them, you will get the Dio End.

Enemy data is below:

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Polnareff 4000 9999 9999 None Range: M. You'll have Dio in your party for this battle, so you can defeat him easily by spamming Invincible Rush or Road Roller, and even end it without taking damage if you use the time stop well.
Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Zombie Army 300 100 85 Rations Range: L. Low HP and weak to Fire and Light. They will respawn up to 50 times, 100 times if Kakyoin has joined your team.
BOSS: Jotaro 3000 5000 9999 None Range: S. Spam Road Roller on him to take him out first - not only are his attacks the most powerful, he'll revive the other foes if he's the last one left standing. Vulnerable to Berserk, NoBreath, OnFire, Bleeding, and CantFind.
BOSS: Joseph 2000 5000 9990 None Range: M. Can inflict Fear with Cunning Hermit and Ripple Quake, use the Ripple Hair Attack to defend his party, and use Decoy to inflict Berserk. He also has the True SY Overdrive that can knock off a huge portion of Dio's max HP if he's hit with it. Vulnerable to Darkness, Bind, NoSenses, Dizzy, BlowBack, and OnFire.
BOSS: Kakyoin 2000 1000 4000 Crazy DX Range: M. Only appears if your FP with him is 19 or less. Sometimes uses Call Out to cure other party members' status ailments. Leave him for last. Vulnerable to Fear, NoSenses, Poison, Dizzy, and BlowBack.
BOSS: Vins 3000 1000 4000 Crazy DX Range: M. Unlike other versions of Vins, this one can use First-Aid Kits, Cardiac Massage, and even Push It To The Limit. If you defeat her, the Zombie Army will stop respawning.

If neither Kakyoin or Polnareff meet the FP requirement for betrayal, there's another ending that you can unlock. This ending is triggered if you betray Dio after betraying the Joestars. This will start a battle with Dio - defeat him to watch the Dark Side End.

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Dio 9999 5000 9999 Badge of Honor

Dio is range M, The World is range S. The strongest version of Dio that can be fought - even stronger than the one in the Debug Room. If you have Deus Ex Machina (a debug item) equipped, he'll use Playtime Is Over to max out his stats. You'll need maxed-out defense and Keep Your Distance tactics to weather his attacks. Phantom Bloods should be your only recovery item. Using Nuclear Warheads to wear down his SP is a good strategy, but he'll still automatically recover HP when it hits 0.

If you have 30 UV Flash Grenades, you'll get an event before the battle and Dio & The World will start with Dissolve status.

BOSS: The World 9999 5000 9999 Badge of Honor

Everybody Lives ED[]

Everybody Lives Ending 1: "Dark End"[]

Requirements: Total sum of party's FP is 50 or higher by the time you locate Dio's mansion

Note: The total sum must be met before returning to Cairo to prepare. If you raise your FP after locating Dio's mansion, it will not count towards the sum.

Once you've located Dio's mansion after the encounter with Pet Shop, return to Cairo instead of entering immediately. If the above requirements are met, attempting to sleep in the hotel will result in a call from Alicia and Berlin, who will show you to a secret room. If you went on the Submarine Route, your protagonist will doubt their motives.

You have a choice of selecting a party of Ripple Warriors to fight a boss rush consisting of D'Arby Younger, Vanilla Ice, Dio, and Vins with no healing in between, or to return to Cairo and proceed with one of the normal endings. However, once you choose to return, staying in the hotel will not put you back on the route to this ending, locking you out of it until you reload a previous save or start over.

A little easter egg: If you killed Stroheim at the Harbor, Jonathan will be there in his place during the party recruiting scene. If you bring him, you'll get a little back-and-forth between him and Dio before the battle.

Below is the enemy data for the bosses:

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Terence T. D'arby(Stand: Atum) 1500 2000 3000 Phantom Blood Range: M. Inflicts MindRead status on party at the start of the battle. Because of this, the most effective method of defeating him is by stopping his movement with status effects, or with hit-all attacks. Once he's near death, he'll start breaking out stronger attacks that inflict Bleeding and BlowBack.
BOSS: Vanilla Ice(Stand: Cream) 2000 S: -

M: 2500

?: 10,000

S: -

M: 3000

?: 5000

Sunlight Remedy Cannot be attacked when in the shadows, and his Erase attacks can insta-kill your party members with alarming success. Berserk status can be used to combat this. He'll recover a small amount of HP (20) each turn. As he's a vampire, Light attacks and UV Lasers are super-effective.
BOSS: Dio 4000 5000 9999 Badge of Honor It's Dio - obviously this won't be an easy fight. His Knife Throw can inflict Bleeding, and his Muda-Muda Rush can inflict BlowBack. Keep an eye on your HP, as if it gets too low, he can stop time and finish you off just as you're about to recover. He recovers some HP each turn, and can also stop time to heal. On Hard Mode, he gains the Playtime Is Over attack, which restores 400HP and maxes out all of his stats.
BOSS: The World 5000 5000 9999 Badge of Honor
BOSS: Vins 1500~ 1000 4000 Crazy DX The true final boss. Though her stats are slightly lower than Dio's, keep in mind you're fighting her with the protagonist alone, making her a foe to be reckoned with. When not attacking with the Iai Slash, she'll recover her HP with Dark attacks and suck your blood to damage you while healing herself. If you have a a very weak protagonist and feel you absolutely cannot win, buy Toxicants from the merchant in Cairo, as she's vulnerable to quite a few status ailments. She's also weak to Light. Set your tactics to something like Keep Your Distance that halves the enemy's attacks and the battle will be much easier.

Her HP will vary depending on your amount of party members: she'll start out with 1500, and Hanoi Rocks will start out with 1100. For every additional party member, she'll have an extra 500HP, and Hanoi will have an extra 300.

BOSS: Hanoi Rocks 1100~ 1000 500 Steel Balls

Everybody Lives Ending 2: "Sacrifice End"[]

Requirements: Same as Dark End

Follow the instructions for the Dark End, but instead of selecting a party of Ripple Warriors choose only 1 other party member (or go by yourself). Then, simply proceed through the events to achieve this ending.

Everybody Lives Ending 2.5: "Exchange End"[]

Requirements: Same as Dark End

Follow the instructions for Sacrifice End, but you must obtain the Bizarre Memo and have written "DONTREADIT" in it before the final boss rush, then fight alone or with only 1 other party member.

Everybody Lives Ending 3: "Unrest End"[]

Requirements: Total sum of party's FP is 100 or higher by the time you locate Dio's mansion, game has been cleared 3 or more times

Follow the same instructions for the Dark and Sacrifice ends. Don't choose any allies, and talk to Berlin. In addition to the choice of going by yourself and reselecting your party, there will be a third option: "They're right here". A scene will play, and you'll be able to fight the boss rush with Alicia and Berlin in your party. All the bosses will be accompanied by Evil Soul enemies, and defeating them will up the amount of 'life energy' you've collected - defeat about 10~20, and the enemy will self-destruct. However, if Alicia is K.O.'ed, she will consume 1 of these energies to revive herself.

If you end with a soul count of below 45, you will get the Unrest End. Though it gives you the opportunity to save, be careful, as this ending does NOT take you to the Developer's Room.

Name HP Dropped EXP Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Evil Soul 300 500 500 Phantom Blood Range M-S. Regenerate when defeated until the boss runs out of energy. Support the boss by inflicting status effects and non-elemental attacks that hit the entire party. The protagonist shouldn't have trouble with them due to their low stats, but watch out for Alicia and Berlin. The number that needs to be defeated for the boss to self-destruct is 12 for D'arby, 14 for Vanilla, 15 for Dio, and 20 for Vins. No matter how many you defeat, you'll only get EXP and drops from the first 2.

Everybody Lives Ending 4: "Succession End"[]

Requirements: Total sum of party's FP is 100 or higher by the time you locate Dio's mansion, game has been cleared 3 or more times

Follow the instructions for the Unrest End, but collect a total of over 45 souls to get the game's only "happy" ending.

Other Endings[]

These can't really be counted as proper endings, as they simply boot you back to the title screen, but here they are anyway:

  • Choosing not to accompany the Joestars to Egypt after Holly collapses
  • Stopping your journey as per Vins' request when you first meet her in Singapore
  • Losing the final showdown with Vins in the library and being taken to the 'afterlife' (the Sanctuary in Emporio's Room)


  • In the game's files, the scenes that trigger depending on the Stand you have in the party member endings are separated into three categories: Light End, Normal End, and Dark End. Light End is comical and lighthearted, while Dark End is more serious. Normal End is a balance between the two.
Type Stands
Light End Sonic Youth and Pixies, Howlin' Wolf and Quicksilver, The Joykiller and Mr. Big
Normal End Caravan and Adam Ant, Red Garland and Ocean Blue, Deep Purple and Cardigans
Dark End Wildhearts and Specials, Miracles and Napalm Death, Carpenters and Pharoah Sanders