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Enya is the mother of J. Geil, and a major ally of Dio, giving him his own stand. She is fought alongside her zombie-controlling stand, Justice, in the Foggy Village.


Enya's mug.png

The story will resume as soon as you leave and enter your hotel room 3 times - on the 3rd, you'll gain FP with whoever was in your party and the event will start automatically. If you're with Jotaro, you can join the battle against Enya when he barges in to rescue Polnareff.

If you take this route and your Stand is Deep Purple or Pixies, or you're playing as Josuke, you'll get to watch another special cutscene during the battle. The first will inflict various status effects on all enemies, and the second and third will add two extra party members for the duration of the fight.

During the cutscene after the battle, there will be extra dialogue if the player's Stand is Ocean Blue, Carpenters, or Specials.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Enya 500 500 400 Dynamite Range: L. Defends and attempts to inflict Fear on the party. Occasionally, she'll use Grudge Power to buff herself. Aim for her if you want the EXP, or end the battle with Brainstorm.