7th Stand User Wiki
Namesake Fireflies (Faith Hill album)
User Faith
Distance Long-Distance
Class Bound/Colony Stand

Fireflies is the stand of Faith. As a long-range stand, it is used to attack the party numerous times throughout the journey.

The stand allows the user to turn ordinary flies into giant, fire-breathing monsters by applying cigarette ash to them. Instead of killing the fly, the heat turns into energy inside of its body, making it grow. They are then freely commanded by Faith to attack a target. The fly will remain its normal size until in range of their target, then use their energy to grow large and attack with fire. Once the flame in its body runs out, the fly will die.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Fireflies 130 200 100 Diamond C Range: S. Appears in a group of 2. Same map sprite as the Green Hornets. Attempting escape will often fail due to their high Speed. Susceptible to Fear, so using Hierophant Barrier is an effective tactic.