7th Stand User Wiki

Freu Maximus is a vagabond from Hong Kong, and can be fought alongside his stand Rinocerose multiple times throughout the journey.


Freu discovered a stand when pricked by the arrow and started using it to extort money from passerby. In the beginning, he only vaguely understands how his stand works, and attacks using brute force. Later, Vins teaches him to use it and he was convinced he was climbing the ranks in the Slaves to Fate. However, he is actually seen as disposable by Vins.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes

(Hong Kong)

65 50 150 Anchovy Pizza Range: S. Weak to Ice, Earth, Wind, and Light. Focus your attacks on him, as Rinocerose has high defense and is considerably more difficult to damage.


1000 500 1000 Sunlight Remedy Range: L. Supports his Stand by attacking with guns, and can use medicine to recover HP.