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Gallahad is an optional recruitable party member in 7th Stand User.


Gallahad appears alongside Miriam as a party member during the Submarine Route, and also appears regardless of route in the Aswan Ruins, but only if the player did not meet Stroheim and Speedwagon.

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, Gallahad's Submachine Gun also grants him a passive +15 boost in Power. He also possesses an innate 30% critical hit rate.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 43 44 44 37 17 22
50 633 618 196 158 129 229

Overall, Gallahad has decent stats, save for his pitiful Spirit stat, with a lot of incredibly powerful skills. Though he has the weakness many other optional party members have, in that he is an AI-Controlled party member.


Gallahad's normal attack is his Submachine Gun, which is a 75% accurate physical attack with a 20% critical hit rate and a 5% chance of inflicting the Fear status that targets all enemies.

Name SP Cost Level Learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 2 An artificial resuscitation skill. Has a chance to revive an ally from K.O.
Loud Yell 0 2 Yells in a booming voice to remove confusion.
Laugh 0 2 Laughs at the enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Provoke 1 2 Provokes an enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Headshot 23 8 Often 1HKOs the enemy. (L)
Warning Shot 6 8 Inflicts Fear status on all enemies.
Hand Grenade 20 9 Inflicts severe physical damage on an enemy.
Fearless Laugh 4 9 Laughs in the face of danger, inflicting Fear.
Sharpshooting 16 16 Fires a defense-piercing shot at an enemy. (L)
Call For Soldiers 10 17 Calls some nearby soldiers over for help.
Bazooka Launcher 30 20 Inflicts severe physical damage on all enemies.
Call Out 3 20 Removes Sleep/Confuse/OffGuard status.
Kowtow 5 23 Begs the enemy for forgiveness, lowering guard.
Dynamite 40 25 Inflicts maximum non-elemental damage on an enemy.
Missile 60 30 Inflicts maximum physical damage on foes.
Penetrating Glare 3 40 Removes own Darkness/CantFind/Distract status.
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and removes status effects.
Experimental Knives 20 * Inflicts damage on one enemy/sometimes 1HKOs.
  • Learned by arriving at the Arabian Mansion with Gallahad in the party when he is level 28 or above or at the ruins entrance in Aswan when he is level 28 or above.