7th Stand User Wiki
Namesake Geb (Egyptian god)
User N'Dour
Distance Long-Distance
Class Bound Stand
Power C
Speed B
Range A
Precision D
Durability B
Potential D

Geb is the stand of N'Dour. It attacks the player and Polnareff (then Jotaro, Iggy, and potentially the player) in the Fertile Crescent.


After finding the downed chopper, you'll enter a battle with Geb's 'Water Claw' using the main character and Polnareff. Beating it here yields a Badge of Honor, but doesn't change the plot. Fleeing is possible, but the enemy's speed is very high so you may have to keep trying. Following a few more scenes, you'll enter a battle against Water Claw again, this time with Jotaro and Iggy. The battle will automatically end either after 15 turns pass, or the party successfully flees.

If you have Sonic Youth, Wildhearts, Miracles, or Mr. Big, you'll get special cutscenes before the second battle. Sonic Youth and Mr. Big will allow you to support Jotaro and Iggy from afar, the former by damaging Geb each turn, and the latter by healing the team. Wildhearts and Miracles will allow you to actually join in the battle along with Jotaro and Iggy. All of these events will give you +2FP with Iggy. In addition, if your Stand is Howlin' Wolf, there will be extra dialogue during the cutscene. There will also be extra dialogue if your Stand is Quicksilver, but only if the Wave Motion Gun skill is learned.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Geb (User: N'Dour) 2000 1500 1000 Badge of Honor Starts out at range S. Cannot be attacked while hidden. Low damage output high defense and speed. Weak to electricity, ice, and fire, and also weak to earth and light at range: S only. Various attacks that can inflict Darkness, Bleeding, NoBreath, CantFind, Bind and, when at close range, One-Hit Knockout. Polnareff is almost useless attack wise in this fight(he does 1 damage no matter what), have him guard and occasionally use items on your character to restore sp and health. When Geb is up close and personal he will be faster than Polnareff and has a higher chance of dodging. When he's out of sight just guard, half the time attacks miss and when they do hit they do 1 damage. Middle is the best, he won't dodge as much and is slower than Polnareff but attacks won't do as much if you only have short ranged attacks