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Hanoi Rocks
Japanese Name ハノイ・ロックス (Hanoi Rokkusu)
Namesake Hanoi Rocks (Finnish rock band)
User Vins
Distance Range-Irrelevant

Hanoi Rocks is the stand of Vins. It allows her to view the timeline in third person.

Original art by Clayman

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS 3: Hanoi Rocks (Singapore) 800 100 150 Medical Toolkit Range: M, but short-range attacks work equally well against it. High power output, but low defense.
BOSS: Hanoi Rocks (Aswan) 2500 1000 500 Medical Tookit Range: M. Appears with Vins. Uses sword slashes and inflicts Darkness with blinding light. If you didn't bring Speedwagon, it'll have 500 less HP. Not immune to OHKO moves.
BOSS: Vins (Stand: Hanoi Rocks) (Inner Cairo, final boss) 3000 2000 4500 Crazy DX

Steel Balls

The true final boss. Though her stats are slightly lower than Dio's, keep in mind you're fighting her with the protagonist alone, making her a foe to be reckoned with. When not attacking with the Iai Slash, she'll recover her HP with Dark attacks and suck your blood to damage you while healing herself. If you have a a very weak protagonist and feel you absolutely cannot win, buy Toxicants from the merchant in Cairo, as she's vulnerable to quite a few status ailments. She's also weak to Light. Set your tactics to something like Keep Your Distance that halves the enemy's attacks and the battle will be much easier.