Henning is a mechanic in Varanasi. His automatic stand, Metalium, produces miniature helicopters and tanks, causing rampages without his knowing, but he has since learned to control them like RC vehicles.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Event[edit | edit source]

In the southwest corner of Varanasi, Henning can be found painting in his garage. Talk to him and attempt to rip up his blueprints to start a battle. Afterwards, all the miniature tanks and helicopters around town will vanish, and if you're with Jotaro, you'll get to watch a short conversation between him and Henning. You'll get +1 FP with whoever you beat him with as well. Cannot be fought on Josuke's route.

Enemy Data[edit | edit source]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Henning (Stand: Metalium) 300 100 300 Submachine Gun Range: S. Henning himself isn't much of a threat (he mostly just cries and uses Body Slam) but he appears with 2 tanks and 3 helis. However, they do not regenerate if defeated.
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