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Henning is a mechanic in Varanasi. His automatic stand, Metalium, produces miniature helicopters and tanks, causing rampages without his knowing, but he has since learned to control them like RC vehicles.




In the southwest corner of Varanasi, Henning can be found painting in his garage. Talk to him and attempt to rip up his blueprints to start a battle. Afterwards, all the miniature tanks and helicopters around town will vanish, and if you're with Jotaro, you'll get to watch a short conversation between him and Henning. You'll get +1 FP with whoever you beat him with as well. Cannot be fought on Josuke's route.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS 1: Henning (Stand: Metalium) 300 100 300 Submachine Gun Range: S. Henning himself isn't much of a threat (he mostly just cries and uses Body Slam) but he appears with 2 tanks and 3 helis. However, they do not regenerate if defeated.