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Hermit Purple
Japanese Name ハーミットパープル (Hāmitto Pāpuru)
Namesake The Hermit (tarot card)
User Joseph Joestar
Power D
Speed C
Range D
Precision D
Durability A
Potential E

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, the Stand itself gives a bonus of Defense +5 with "Fight Normally" as its Tactic. It also joins at level 7.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 49 56 18 31 26 24
50 731 944 128 186 446 315


Hermit Purple's normal attack is light (Ripple), middle-range, and has a 20% chance of inflicting Bind and Ripple.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O. / May fail when used in battle.
Tie Up 7 1 Ties up and constricts the enemy. (M)
Hermit Purple 4 1 Attacks an enemy with thorny vines. (L)
Ripple Rush 8 1 Inflicts Ripple damage on one enemy. (S) +Ripple
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts damage on one opponent.
Zoom Punch 3 2 Inflicts physical ripple damage on an enemy. (L) +Ripple
Hermit Shot 6 7 Attacks all enemies with thorny vines. (M)
Ripple Hair Attack 12 8 Defends allies against physical and Light damage.
Hermit Web 15 9 Wraps enemy in thorns and binds them. (S) +Bind
Scarlet Overdrive 10 10 Deals a firey Ripple-charged blow. (S) +Ripple
Ripple Breathing 6 10 Restores 60HP to the user.
S.Y. Overdrive 12 12 Inflicts Ripple damage on all enemies. (S) +Ripple
Ripple Cutter 10 12 Attacks an enemy with a Ripple cutter. (M) +Ripple
+- Ripple 10 13 Heals status conditions with opposing currents. (Cures: Poison, Berserk, Confused, Sleeping, Bind, Paralyze, Ripple, Surge, NoBreath, FleshBud)
Hermit Beat 12 14 Attacks all enemies with thorns. (L)
T.B. Overdrive 7 15 Attacks an enemy with Ripple-charged water. (L) +Ripple
M.S. Overdrive 15 16 Ignores defense to inflict Light damage. (S) +Ripple
Hermit Ripple 16 17 Attacks an enemy with Ripple-charged vines. (M) +Bind, Ripple
Ripple Healing 12 20 Restores 60HP to an ally.
Deep Breathing 20 21 Restores 200HP to the user.
Cunning Hermit 24 22 Inflicts light damage on all enemies. (M) +Fear, Ripple
Deep Pass Overdrive 0 30 Passes life energy to allies. Only usable once.

Does the following: restores all allies to 100% health and sp. After that it boosts their stats like so: Max HP and SP + 50, Attack\Defense\Agility\Mind + 10. Finally it gives them 30000 experience, K.O.s Joseph and reduces his level by 30.

HP-JP-NP 0 35 Happy, joy-py, nice to meet you-py~ +Berserk, Fear, and OffGuard on all enemies.
True S.Y. Overdrive 99 40 Inflicts crippling Light damage on an enemy. (S) +Dissolve, BlowBack, Ripple, and NoBreath. It also ignores defense, has a guaranteed hit rate, has 10 out of 10 scaling for mind and 200 basic damage. Another thing of note is that it has 0 scaling for attack, meaning that attack gives no damage boost to this skill.
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects


Name Partner
The Fate of the Blood Caesar

This combination attack is only available during the Dio battle on Joseph's route if you have saved Stroheim, Speedwagon, and Dire and Joseph's FP is 30 or more. If you have the Destiny of Zeppeli trait, you and Dire will join in the combination attack.

Tips & Tricks[]

Some of his earlier skills have okay attack scaling, matching or being better than his spirit scaling (Hermit Shot, Ripple Rush, S.Y Overdrive, Hermit Ripple for example) but two of his best skills, Cunning Hermit and True S.Y. Overdrive, have 0 attack scaling and a very high spirit scaling making him some sort of a tanky mage as he develops.