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Hirohiko Araki is the mangaka who originally created Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and appears as a bonus boss in the Debug Room. He draws fighters to assist him.


Talking to Araki, found in the same room as Dio, will give the option to refuse to come back later. Choosing "Fight him anyway" to the question after this will begin an extremely difficult fight against him. Araki will periodically summon enemies (by drawing them) in order to increase the fight's difficulty: Dio Brando, Cars, Kira, and Diavolo. If one manages to defeat Araki, they will be rewarded with a Badge of Honor.

As well, every time you defeat Araki, the game increases a hidden counter by 1. If you do not have the Ultimate Debugger in your inventory, the game generates a number from 0 to 999 and checks if the number of times you defeated Araki is greater than or equal to the generated number. If the counter is greater than or equal to the generated value, the Mysterious Manga Artist will give you the Ultimate Debugger.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
EXTRA BOSS: Hirohiko Araki 99,999 99,999 999,999 Badge of Honor Araki will attempt to debuff either one party member or the whole team (which has the chance of causing Fear/Confused), try and inflict Fear on the party, and spill either Indian ink, which hits the whole party and may inflict Darkness/CantFind/Bleeding status or white-out, which will attempt to 1HKO the whole party. He can also use Holy Sandstorm, hitting the whole team for high Wind damage and inflict Blowback/NoBreath/Bleeding. He may also slug someone with his right arm, which is practically a 1HKO due to dealing 900+ damage.

Periodically, he will summon Dio Brando, Cars, Kira, and Diavolo (one at a time every 10 turns) to heighten the difficulty. He will occasionally decide to revive them all at once if defeated earlier.

BOSS: Dio Brando 3000 Range: S. Summoned after a few turns in the Araki fight. As Dio is a vampire, he is weak to Light attacks. He'll suck blood, put flesh buds on party members, and can freeze the vapor in the air.
BOSS: Cars 9999 Range: S. Summoned a few turns after Dio Brando is summoned in the Araki fight. Can laugh in your face, which can inflict Fear or provoke a team member into Berserk. He can also heal 999 HP with Revive and absorb flesh to gain HP. He'll attack with his Light Blades, which deal damage to the whole party and may 1HKO. Weak to Light attacks.
BOSS: Yoshikage Kira 2000 Range: S. Summoned during the Araki fight after Cars has been summoned for a few turns. Has Sheer Heart Attack, which chases the party around and inflicts Pursued status, cutting them off from a large amount of skills.
BOSS: Diavolo 3500 Range: S. Summoned during the Araki fight a few turns after Kira has been summoned. Can erase time and inflict Predict status on the party.