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Howlin' Wolf
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Japanese Name ハウリン・ウルフ (Haurin Urufu)
Namesake Howlin' Wolf (blues singer)
User (Default Name) 犬飼 (Inukai)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Power Type
Power A
Speed B
Range B
Precision B
Durability D
Potential C

"A beast-like Stand that can howl to create powerful, far-reaching shockwaves, in addition to attacking with its fangs and claws. Well-balanced in all areas, its power is backed up by impressive speed, giving it the potential to wreak instant devastation." (In-Game Description)

"On the surface, you're cool-headed, indifferent, and alert. However, deep down, you're filled with curiosity and love spending time with family and friends more than anything else. Though you're wary of new people and situations, you're thick-skinned and composed, never one to sweat the small stuff. You feel that protecting your family is your duty in life." (Personality Evaluation)

Base Stats[]

In addition to these stats, the Stand itself gives an additional bonus of Power +1, Durability +1, and Speed +2.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 29 18 12 20 16
50 600 277 207 133 266 208

Howlin' Wolf is by far the most well-rounded Stand and is ideal for beginners. Its jack-of-all-trades nature means it doesn't particularly excel in any area, but its sturdiness combined with its strong Wind attacks that inflict BlowBack means not much strategy is necessary to get the most out of it.

The recommended tactic for Howlin' Wolf is Flee. It fights almost exclusively with Spirit-based attacks, which aren't weakened by this tactic, and gets a nice bonus to speed.


Howlin' Wolf's normal attack is physical, both short and mid-range, hits one enemy, has a basic hit rate of 80%, has a critical rate of 10%, and has a 5% chance of inflicting BlowBack.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Glare 2 1 Inflicts Fear on an enemy
Body Slam 5 1 Inflicts damage + Dizzy on an enemy
Wild Howl 3 1 Inflicts Fear on all enemies
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on an enemy
Whirlwind 4 1 Inflicts Wind damage on an enemy (M)
Bite 12 3 Attacks one enemy (M)
Claw 8 4 Attacks one enemy (M)
Bite Ally 3 4 Cures Berserk, Confuse, and Sleep
Howl 6 5 Inflicts Wind damage on all enemies (M)
Ride 3 6 Allows you to ride Stand on the map/Dash with Cancel key
Desperation Attack 3 8 Attacks all enemies (S)
Shockwave 12 10 Inflicts Wind damage on all enemies (M)
Chew To Bits 16 11 Inflicts defense-piercing damage on an enemy (M)
Tornado 16 16 Inflicts Wind damage on an enemy (M) / +BlowBack
Tornadoes 24 25 Inflicts Wind damage on all enemies (M) / +BlowBack, NoBreath
Push It To The Limit 100 45 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects
Divine Wind 50 46 Inflicts extreme damage on an enemy (M) / +BlowBack, Fear, NoBreath, chance to 1HKO
Canine Storm 1 40 - Inflicts range-free, defense-piercing Wind damage on all enemies / +BlowBack, Bleeding, NoBreath

1 These moves can be learned randomly by staying in the hotel with Iggy when his FP is high enough (i.e. he can be given orders in battle)


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Gatling Punisher Jotaro
Emerald Typhoon Kakyoin
Oversonic Joseph
Firestorm Abdul
Tornado Slash Polnareff
Double Dog Whirlwind Iggy

Overworld Interactions[]


  • Triggering the "Dogs In Singapore" event with Abdul on the east side of town will give extra dialogue.

Fertile Crescent

  • Gives extra dialogue during the scenes where Iggy first appears and when Jotaro and Iggy are chasing N'dour.


  • Gives extra dialogue during the cafe scene where Bastet's effects are first shown.

Author's Notes[]

In short, a "social analyst". The user is someone who is cautious and calm like a wolf, but has friendliness akin to a dog when it comes to their family, which resulted in this Stand to be formed. Their image is similar to a watchdog with a strong presence.


  • There is a minor exploit in the game that can only be performed with this Stand or Wildhearts with the Ride command learned. To perform it, you must be in the Kujo residence in Japan after you've defeated Kakyoin. In front of Abdul, on the tile directly before the one that triggers the story event, face forward and use Ride from the menu. You'll be caught in a loop, pacing left and right endlessly while the game tells you you can't get off your Stand. If you mash the Action button enough, however, you can break free. Once you regain control of your character, use the Ride command again to successfully phase through the invisible wall behind Abdul and explore the rest of the Kujo residence, including the outdoor area which cannot be seen at all in normal gameplay. If you try to leave the mansion, the alleyway will be blocked off, trapping you, and when you re-enter, you'll be booted to a glitched version of the Personality Evaluation that leads to a blank screen. You can also perform this glitch at the school by following the above instructions on the tile before the one that triggers the Kakyoin boss fight, allowing you to walk freely around the nurse's office and talk to the nurse and delinquents you can also use the ride command in front of the blockades that close off the alleyway that leads to the plane before you fight Kakyoin allowing you to go to the plane early doing so however takes you to the aforementioned glitched Personality Evaluation.
  • During Joseph and Polnareff's endings, which take place 10 years after the events of the game, if the Playable Character has Howlin' Wolf as a stand, they will begin a career in scientific analysis to further their research on the mysteries of stands. During the after credits scene in Joseph's ending, the Playable Character has a conversation with Koichi about visting a ghost girl and rules of meeting her, but the Playable Character has a hard time believing him, dismissing it as Koichi trying to scare them, while in Polnareff's, they have an encounter with a polite man, implied to be Bruno Buccelatti.
  • According to Clayman, Howling Wolf represents the Enneagram type 5w6.