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"I've carved a burning clock into that table. Before that clock strikes 12, you will be a dead man!"
-Polnareff's first encounter with Avdol at Hong Kong

Jean Pierre Polnareff is the third major boss to be encountered in the game, and the fifth party member to join the Crusaders.

In-game Role[]

An honorable Frenchmen seeking vengeance for his sister's murder, Polnareff is the third assassin sent by DIO to defeat the Joestars. He poses as a tourist in Hong Kong when greeting the party. However, soon afterwards he attacks with his stand "Silver Chariot", a fencing knight that excels at short-ranged combat.

He will initiate a fight with Abdul at the Tiger Balm Garden. After being defeated once, a cutscene will play out and Silver Chariot will remove its armor, starting the second fight.

Interestingly enough, he will also join the player in the Betrayal Endings alongside Noriaki Kakyoin if high FP is acquired.

Attack Pattern and Strategy[]

Name HP XP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Jean Pierre Polnareff 300 70 250 S: Experience Tablet

M: Echoesterol

Starts the fight at (M) range, but can enter (S) as the battle continues. In addition, whichever character was chosen to fight Polnareff will begin the battle with the Can'tFind status, lowering their accuracy. Weak to Ice and Earth. Attack with target-all skills to bypass the accuracy drop. Polnareff is likely to move before you, but his damage is nothing special, even against Abdul or Kakyoin.
Name HP XP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Jean Pierre Polnareff 300 210 530 Echoesterol Stays in (M) range for the whole fight. Polnareff will rarely attack directly and instead spends most of his turns guarding or 'resting out of sight' to restore HP. If all seven of the Silver Chariot enemies are defeated, he will attempt to revive them all at once, which has an individual success rate for each one. If Abdul is chosen for this fight, his level will be increased by 1 and his max HP will be temporarily boosted by 100, so even with his low Durability, he'll probably survive the longest in this fight. He can also end the fight with Brainstorm if necessary.
Silver Chariots (x7) 50 - - Ointment Seven appear at once, all at (S) range, where they stay for the entire fight. Each one gets its own turn and they're all likely to be faster than your chosen character. Individually, they don't inflict much damage, but they will always attack you every turn. Some of their attacks can also inflict Bleeding, Fear, or Can'tFind. Unlike the first battle, no status effects are afflicted at the start, but that isn't likely to last long.

Party Stats[]

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