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Yare yare daze.
Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is one of the main characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User and the first party member the player meets in the game. A young deliquent, Jotaro is stoic, serious and intelligent and has one of the strongest Stands in the JoJo universe, Star Platinum.


Friendship Points[]

Through out the game, the player will have many opportunites to build a relationship with Jotaro through certain events that will raise his FP.

  • Japan
    • Before the fight against Hierophant Green, join Jotaro in the fight.
    • After the fight, when Jotaro asks if you work for Dio, say Yes. Be warned this will also give you bad karma.
    • When asked if you want to join the group to Egypt, say How can I say no!?, which will increase not only Jotaro's FP, but the entire party's FP.
  • Hong Kong
    • After the first fight against Polnareff and his Silver Chariot, step in to fight him again. This increases FP with the entire party.
  • Harbor
    • Assassins will arrive to do some dirty deeds for Lord Dio once Jotaro reaches Level 10. Defeat them for +1 FP.
    • Defeat Emilio and his Stand, Chicken Shack, with Jotaro in the party. This awards +1 FP and a Badge of Honor.
    • Defeat Utah a second time with Jotaro. This awards +1 FP, but be warned, on the fourth playthrough, doing so will bar you from the Sword of St. George sidequest, which requires Utah to be fought in Edfu.
  • Charter Ship
    • Defeating Dark Blue Moon in 3 turns, before he can escape with the girl, rewards you with +1 FP with Jotaro, once the two of you are sucked down beneath the waves to fight him again.
  • Ghost Ship
    • Defeat Forever with Jotaro, which awards you with +1 FP.
    • Defeat Kate with Jotaro, which awards you with +1 FP, a Badge of Honor, and no more Green Hornets.
  • Singapore
    • Go to 7-11 with Jotaro, and wait for him to punch out the petty thug outside. You'll gain +1 FP afterwards.
    • Defeat Vins with Jotaro, which awards +1 FP.
    • Defeat Joey with Jotaro, which awards +1 FP.
    • Defeat Devo's Ebony Devil with Jotaro, which awards +1 FP and the ability to recruit Polnareff again for the rest of the stay in Singapore. Do note that by doing so, you'll lose a +2 FP event with Polnareff, so choose wisely who you'll accompany to their room.
    • Jump into the cable car with Jotaro and "Kakyoin" for a whopping +3 FP. Defeat Yellow Temperance afterwards for another +1 FP, and the Double Lariat skill for Red Garland.