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Kate Honeybee is an agent of Dio. Her automatic colony stand, Alhirt, attacks the party via its Green Hornets in the overworld throughout the journey. She is also fought as an optional boss on the Ghost Ship.


Kate is a nurse from Italy who has had her stand since birth. She was scouted out by Enya and became Dio's underling. She is completely infatuated with Dio, believing there is no greater joy in life than being of use to him. She likes honey, hates monkeys, and enjoys sleeping.

She keeps Alhirt's "Queen Bee" in her cap to protect it.


Kate appears on the bottom floor of the Ghost Ship, and can be used to recover for free. However, after you do so, there's a chance of a random status effect being inflicted as soon as you walk out the door. Once Forever has escaped from his cage, if you check the corpse where Kate was standing, you'll notice something odd about it. If you head back to the bottom left on the 1st Floor of the ship and check one of the beds, Kate will attack. Defeat her for a Badge of Honor, and +1FP for whoever's in your party. In addition, all Green Hornets on the ship and in future destinations will vanish.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS: Kate 300 400 500 Badge of Honor Range: M. Having mid- or long-range attacks will make the battle easy. Defeating the Green Hornets that accompany her won't damage her, and will only cause them to respawn with full health. Weak to Fire, Earth, and Light.


  • If your stand is Adam Ant, the similarities between your and Kate's stands will be noted.