7th Stand User Wiki
Namesake The Lovers (Tarot card)
User Steely Dan
Distance Long-Distance
Class Automatic Stand

Lovers is the stand of Steely Dan. It attacks Kakyoin and Polnareff, in Karachi, and may optionally be fought as well by the player.


Leave the rest stop using the horse to continue the story. There are two ways to go about the Lovers fight:

  1. Go with Jotaro. You won't be able to join the battle with Kakyoin and Polnareff and gain EXP, but you'll get bonus FP with Jotaro. In addition, if your protagonist is female, you'll get an extra scene after Jotaro is thrown out of the jewelry store, which itself will differ if Jotaro's FP is over 9.
  2. Go with Kakyoin and Polnareff. As long as your Stand isn't Pixies, Napalm Death, Quicksilver, Caravan, or Mr. Big, you'll be able to enter the brain and join the fight against Lovers. If you fool around too long in this fight (like if you get whole-party berserked for a long time), it'll end automatically with no XP/GP gain after a short scene.

Afterwards, you can continue the story by entering the boat shop at the south of the map.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Lovers 550 660 1450 Sunlight Remedy 3 at range M and 7 at range L - 10 in total. Defeating the fakes will cause them to regenerate. Despite their numbers, their power is high, so defense techniques will be necessary to weather the wave of attacks if your level is low. Weak to Fire and especially Light. The real Lovers is the one at the very top, normally second-to-last or last in the battle order (L distance).
BOSS: Lovers Clones 200 - - Meat Spray