7th Stand User Wiki
Japanese Name メタリウム (Metariumu)
Namesake Metalium (Power metal band)
User Henning
Distance Long-Distance
Class Colony Stand
Power B
Speed D
Range B
Precision D
Durability C
Potential E

Metalium is the stand of Henning, which is fought alongside him in his optional boss fight, as well as in the overworld, in Varanasi.

In-battle, the stand takes the form of numerous miniature tanks and helicopters, but it is able to assemble a version of any machinery drawn on a blueprint. It is an automatic stand, so the miniature helicopters and tanks caused rampages without Henning's knowing, but then he learned to control them like RC vehicles. Destroying the blueprint destroys the respective stand.


In the southwest corner of the map, Henning can be found painting in his garage. Talk to him and attempt to rip up his blueprints to start a battle. Afterwards, all the miniature tanks and helicopters around town will vanish, and if you're with Jotaro, you'll get to watch a short conversation between him and Henning. You'll get +1 FP with whoever you beat him with as well. Cannot be fought on Josuke's route.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Metalium Tank 300 200 100 Ripple-Infused Wine Range: M. Appears in a group of 2. Low Speed, so easy to run from if things get tricky. Weak to Electricity and Earth.
Metalium Heli 100 150 50 Diamond C Range: L. Appears in a group of 3. Attacks with guns and often flees the battle.