7th Stand User Wiki
Japanese Name マーダードールズ (Mādādōruzu)
Namesake Murderdolls (Horror punk band)
User Joey
Distance Long-Distance
Class Bound/Colony Stand
Power D
Speed C
Range A
Precision C
Durability D
Potential C

"Allows dolls and mannequins to be controlled from a distance by attaching a strand of hair. Does not transmit damage to the user." (In-Game Description)

Murderdolls is the stand of Joey. As a long-range stand, it is used to attack the party numerous times throughout the journey.

The stand's controlled dolls, also referred to individually as Murderdolls, come in multiple forms, with different statistics for each. Once Joey is defeated, they will no longer appear.

There is no limit to how many dolls Murderdolls can control. Damage is not transmitted to the user at all.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
Murderdoll Lv.1 13 7 8 F.F. Sports Drink Range: M. Appears in groups of 3.
Murderdoll Lv.2 20 13 16 Echoes High Range: S. Appears in groups of 2.
Murderdoll Lv.3 60 70 65 Rations Range: S. Appears in groups of 3. Weak to Ice and Water.
Murderdoll Lv. 4 90 75 50 Diamond C Range: M. Uses Electric attacks. Appears with Assassin x1. Weak against Ice and Water. Note that even though they're Murderdolls, they do NOT disappear if you defeat Joey.
Murderdoll EX 80 90 85 Hand Grenade Range: S. Only appears in the Cabaret in Calcutta in groups of three. Have the same appearance as Murderdoll Lv. 3.
Murderdoll Family 1000 3000 1500 Diamond C Range: M. Fought during the Combined Demon event in Chaos Mode. At the beginning of the battle, there is a chance that you'll be surprised by the enemy and if your Bad Karma is 5 or less, you'll be inflicted with Confused.