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Pet Shop is a falcon used for Dio's cause of protecting his mansion, and is one of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods. He is fought in Cairo alongside his stand Horus.



After reaching Cairo, leave and enter the hotel 10 times to proceed with the story. You'll get +1FP for whoever is in your party at the time. You'll watch an event with Iggy and Pet Shop, followed by a battle. Defeating him will skip to the meet-up with Kakyoin. Running will take you to a sewer, where you must avoid Pet Shop's ice projectiles while fleeing to the exit. If Pet Shop catches you, it will start another battle. Taking too much damage from the icicles or successfully reaching the exit will continue the chain of events from the original story - keep in mind that there is a chest containing an Experience Tablet near the exit, so it's worth tracking down no matter how you plan to defeat Pet Shop. Just keep moving to the right and when you hit a wall move up then left.

After the event ends, Iggy will enter serious mode and start taking orders in battle regardless of your FP with him.

  • To Iggy's Rescue

Requirements: Iggy's FP is 10 or more

If you reach the exit with the required amount of FP, instead of simply continuing the event as normal, the protagonist will come to Iggy's rescue and join the battle. You will get +3FP with Iggy, and he won't sustain life-threatening injuries, though it won't affect the outcome of the story or his stats in battle.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Gained Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Pet Shop (Stand: Horus) 2000 2500 3000 Experience Tablet Range: M. Stats aren't that high, but almost all of his attacks can freeze you. If you're fighting with Iggy alone and he gets frozen, you're almost 100% doomed, so unless the protagonist with you, it's probably better to just run unless Iggy's levels are high enough to knock him out in a few turns. Vulnerable to Darkness and Poison.
BOSS: Ice Missile 120 10 10 Overdrive SY

Requiem G.E.

5 appear with Pet Shop - 2 at range S, 3 at range M. 2 turns after appearing, they'll use a self-destruct attack and crash into you. Damage isn't anything to worry about despite the number, but they'll likely inflict Dizzy and make you lose a turn. They'll regenerate if you defeat them, but not if they attack. (You won't get what little EXP and items they drop, though.) Weak to Fire.