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Pharoah Sanders
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Japanese Name ファラオ・サンダース (Farao Sandaazu)
Namesake Pharoah Sanders (jazz saxophonist)
User (Default Name) 雷電 (Raiden)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Swarm Type
Power B
Speed B
Range B
Precision C
Durability C
Potential A

"A unit of Egyptian foot-soldiers, 30 in total, made entirely out of electricity. Attacks with spears, but does damage using electric currents rather than physical force. As a result, its destructive power is relative to the conductivity of its target, and it can disperse its attacks at will." (In-Game Description)

"A quiet and composed intellectual. Shy and hard to get to know, you often read too much into what others say. However, when entrusted with something important, you'll pour your entire heart into it. You're a good listener, but like to argue for the sake of argument, matter-of-factly drawing your conclusions." (Personality Evaluation)

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, the Stand itself gives a bonus of Power/Spirit +1 and Speed +2.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 40 15 17 16 17
50 600 412 123 110 241 218


Pharoah Sanders' normal attack is short-range, electric elemental, hits all enemies, has a basic hit rate of 90%, and has a 3% chance of inflicting Pursued and Surge.

Pursued is a Pharoah Sanders-exclusive status effect that can be inflicted by the normal attack, Welcome, God of Thunder, and Thunder Phalanx. It lasts max 3 turns, with a 10% chance of abating each turn. Each turn, the enemy takes 3% of max HP +1 worth of damage, loses 1% of max SP. Its hit rate is also lowered by 5% while affected.

Name Power Success Rate SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 10 50% 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 3 80% 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Static 10 70% 2 1 Inflicts weak electric damage on an enemy. (M) +Surge
Welcome 10 100% 15 1 Continuously attacks all enemies w/ your Stand (M) +Pursued/Surge
Thunderstorm 15 100% 8 3 Inflicts electric damage on all enemies. (M) +Surge
Lightning Strike 20 100% 10 4 Inflicts non-ranged electric damage on all enemies.
Blinding Ray 0 70% 4 5 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies.
High Voltage 45 95% 12 6 Inflicts severe electric damage on an enemy. (M) +Surge
Tempest 40 100% 18 9 Inflicts severe electric damage on all enemies. (M) +Surge
Thunder 120 99% 25 12 Inflicts crippling electric damage on an enemy. (M) +Surge
ElectromagneticField 0 100% 8 14 Creates an electric-resistant barrier to defend party.
Lightning 113 100% 35 18 Inflicts crippling electric dmg on all enemies. (M) +Surge
Defibrillation 1 80% 20 30 Revives the whole party from K.O. status.
Push It To The Limit 30 100% 100 45 Uses 100% of your potential.
God of Thunder1 150 80% 50 50 Inflicts debilitating electric damage on enemy. (M) +Paralyze/Pursued/Blowback/Surge/Stopped
Thunder Phalanx2 60 80% 30 * Inflicts severe electric damage on all enemies. (M) +Paralyze/Pursued/Blowback/Surge
Lightning Whip2 45 90% 15 * Damages an enemy with a whip made of lightning (M) +Paralyze/Surge/Bind/Dizzy

1God of Thunder is learned before the battle with Joey in the Fishing Village if your level is 40 or above, but can still be learned at level 50 otherwise.

2Thunder Phalanx and Lightning Whip can be learned randomly by staying in the hotel with Joseph. The latter can also be learned rarely by staying with Abdul instead. When getting Lightning Whip your character will talk about how Joseph's stand isn't fighting based, when getting Thunder Phalanx Joseph will talk about how you have many stands but could control them better.


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Lightning Fist Jotaro
Thunder Splash Kakyoin
Thunder Thorns Joseph
Electric Blanket Abdul
Lightning Strike Polnareff
Pharaoh's Rage Iggy

Overworld Interactions[]

Charter Ship

  • Adds extra dialogue during the sneak attack against Dark Blue Moon.


  • Can fix the generator on the west side of the river for 130 SP.

Fishing Village

  • If you're at or above level 40 when you challenge King Joey, you will learn the Divine Thunder skill early. This will also grant an additional cutscene before the battle.

Author's Notes[]

In short, "someone who reads too deeply". The image of electricity expresses the tense personality of a person who is intelligent but refuses to give up on things. Electricity also represents the intelligence of mechanical civilization. While the user is not a bad person, they're the kind of person who gets angry at others for answering their problems with sound arguments.


  • Pharoah Sanders' name is a pun; in Japanese, Sanders (サンダース, Sandaazu) is identical in pronunciation to "Thunders".
  • According to Clayman, Pharoah Sanders represents the Enneagram type 6w5.