7th Stand User Wiki
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Japanese Name クイック・シルバー (Kuikku Shirubaa)
Namesake Quicksilver Messenger Service (psychedelic rock band)
User (Default Name) 大和 (Yamato)
Distance Long-Range
Class Special Type
Power A
Speed E
Range A
Precision C
Durability C
Potential B

"This Stand appears as a cannon on the user’s arm. It can convert minerals into Stand power and blast it at its foes, like a battery that uses metal as fuel. It can be detached if necessary. As far as Stands go, its pure destructive capability is top of the line." (In-Game Description)

"You are lively and flexible, but passionate about your likes and dislikes, and strongly opinionated. Sometimes your temper gets the best of you, and you'll lose your head over the tiniest slight. However, you're empathetic and always an open book when it comes to feelings, so people find you easy to talk to. You trust your heart rather than your head, often letting your emotions carry you away." (Personality Evaluation)

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, the Stand itself gives a bonus of Power/Durability/Spirit/Speed +1.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 20 15 15 21 16
50 600 372 114 76 244 193

Quicksilver is a "glass cannon" with high power output but low defense and hit rate and high SP consumption. The risk is high, but so is the reward. Its array of strong attacks that hit all enemies, as well as its range, make it ideal for early- and late-game grinding. In addition, it can consume the Scrap Metal you can buy in Calcutta and Edfu for SP recovery.


Quicksilver's normal attack is a physical, non-ranged attack with a basic hit rate of 90% that hits one enemy.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O. / May fail when used in battle.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Sunbeam 8 1 Inflict light damage on an enemy. (L) / +Darkness
Heat Ray 15 3 Inflicts severe fire damage on an enemy. (L) / +OnFire
Laser Beam 12 6 Attacks all enemies, ignoring defense. (L)
Water Jet 8 8 Inflicts severe water damage on an enemy. (L)
Water Cutter 12 10 Inflicts severe water damage on an enemy. (L) / +Bleeding/BlowBack
Thunder Beam 18 10 Inflicts severe electric damage on all enemies. (L) /+Surge
Air Bullet 8 10 Inflicts wind damage on an enemy. (M) / +Fear/BlowBack
Sun Laser 26 14 Inflicts crippling light damage on an enemy. (L) / +Darkness
Freeze Ray 30 16 Inflicts crippling ice damage on all enemies. (L) / +Freeze
Venom Cannon 40 20 Crippling damage/status effects on all enemies (L) +Poison/Darkness/Confuse (75% hit rate)
Absorb Iron 3 30 Absorbs the iron in the enemy's body to restore SP. (S) / Restores HP and SP, inflicts Bleeding rarely (70% hit rate)
Focus Beam1 30 * Inflicts powerful light damage, but rarely hits (30% hit rate)
Wave Motion Gun 100 45 Blows all enemies away with defense-piercing damage + status effects.

1Focus Beam can be learned randomly by staying in the hotel with Joseph after learning all of the Ripple techniques from the Secret Books, not including +/- Ripple and Ripple Gale.


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
A Bitter End Jotaro
Double Shot Kakyoin
You fell for it, fool! Joseph
Flame Burst Abdul
Quicksilver Chariot Polnareff
Desert Rays Iggy

Overworld Interactions[]


  • Adds extra dialogue during the stand off with Hol Horse.


  • Cannot join the fight against Lovers.

Saudi Arabia

  • Can help Kakyoin fight The Sun.

Fertile Crescent

  • Adds extra dialogue when Jotaro and Iggy are escaping from Geb, but only if the Wave Motion Gun skill is learned.

Kom Ombo

  • Adds extra dialogue after the second fight with Khan.

Author's Notes[]

In short, "someone who rushes headlong". Because of the user's hard yet soft nature, their image can be compared to minerals like stone or dirt. From the fact that that the stand releases minerals in various forms, it was decided that the stand converts them to energy. And because it shoots them in a straight line, the stand was turned into a laser cannon.


  • The default name of this Stand's user, Yamato, is a reference to Space Battleship Yamato, where the Wave Motion Gun originates.
  • This Stand is usually referred to as "Quiksilver" in the Japanese version of the game.
  • According to Clayman, Quicksilver represents the Enneagram type 1w2.