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Robert E.O. Speedwagon is an optional recruitable party member, and will also appear as the introductory character of the game.


Speedwagon is the first optional party member in the game. Being unskilled in both the art of the Ripple and not possessing a Stand, Speedwagon can seem a little underpowered. The fact that the player cannot control which actions Speedwagon will do in combat definitely doesn't help. However, he has several abilities, such as Flamethrower and Dynamite, that help him keep up with everyone else, and he has the abilities Ointment and First-Aid Kit, which provide him with a niche roll to fill if the team doesn't have a good healer already.


Speedwagon appears in Calcutta, should the player happen to find Stroheim in the Harbor beforehand. He can be found by inspecting a sign on the bridge, causing the party to fall under the bridge, where Zombies can be found. After navigating past the zombies, you run into Speedwagon, who'll join your party and request you take him to the nearest hotel. Doing so will remove him from your party, so if you want him for the rest of your adventures in Calcutta, you must avoid the hotel. Do also note that if your character has the Sickly trait, and passes out before Speedwagon gets to the Hotel, he'll leave your party before you recover, and you'll lose out on all events regarding him from here on out. Returning him plays a small cutscene between him, Stroheim, and Joseph.

Speedwagon's next appearance occurs on the Submarine route, at the Speedwagon Foundation Camp where he teams up with Stroheim to assist the player character through West Bengal. Doing so prevents Gallahad and Miriam from joining your party, so if you want to see them, leave Speedwagon to rot in Calcutta.

Speedwagon's next appearance occurs on either route, in Aswan, where he'll be investigating the ancient ruins in town. Recruiting him here allows you to access Dire as a party member, so doing so is advised. He'll accompany you through the ruins, helping to fight Freu and Vins. He'll leave your party with Dire after Vins has been defeated, and the ruins have been escaped.

He makes one more appearance during the final battle with Dio if Stroheim and Dire have also been found, but only during Joseph's character route. When Dio freezes Dire to stop his Ripple, Speedwagon hits the both of them with a Molotov cocktail to melt the ice.

Base Stats[]

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 37 50 47 22 16 13
50 900 999 239 165 343 263

While Speedwagon has incredibly high HP and SP values, it should be noted that all his other stats are incredibly average, and is exceeded in every value by Howlin' Wolf. Also keep in mind that his stats grow very exponentially - at around Level 14,he has 140-ish HP. Also also keep in mind that you cannot control what Speedwagon does in battle, so luck also needs to be on your side somewhat to utilize him effectively.


Speedwagon has a Sledgehammer. Good luck ever seeing him use it: he often prioritizes his SP-consuming skills rather than his basic attack.

Name SP






5 5 An artificial resuscitation skill. Has a chance to revive an ally from K.O.


5 5 Inflicts hat damage on all enemies.
Open Fire 3 5 Inflicts damage on an enemy.
Loud Yell 0 5 Yells in a booming voice to remove confusion.
Provoke 1 5 Provokes an enemy to inflict Berserk status.
Bluff 3 5 Bluffs, inflicting Fear status on an enemy.


4 5 Laughs in the face of danger, inflicting Fear
Call Out 0 6 Removes Berserk, Confusion, and Sleep from an ally.


5 7 Removes OnFire.


5 8 Removes Poison.


5 9 Removes Frozen status.


5 10 Removes Surge status.
Call for Help 10 10 Calls some buddies for help
Daze 4 11 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies.
Hand Grenade 20 13 Inflicts severe physical damage on an enemy.
Ointment 10 14 Ointment and gauze. Restores 50 HP
Warning Shot 6 15 Inflicts Fear status on all enemies.
Decoy 15 17 Runs in circles to get the enemies' attention.
Kowtow 5 20 Begs the enemy for forgiveness, lowering guard.
Flamethrower 16 22 Inflicts physical damage on all enemies +OnFire.
First-Aid Kit 20 24 Painkillers, ointment, & vitamins. Restores 250 HP.
Dynamite 40 25 Inflicts maximum non-elemental damage on an enemy.
Ripple-Breathing 6 30 Restores 60 HP to the user.


30 35 Inflicts severe physical damage on all enemies.
Ripple Rush 8 50 Inflicts Ripple damage on one enemy. (S)
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and removes status effects.


  • Even though Speedwagon couldn't use the Ripple in Parts 1 and 2, he can learn very basic Ripple skills in later levels and more advanced ones from the various Secret Books.
  • Speedwagon's overworld sprite is identical to the Creator from Final Fantasy Legend, as a reference to the bonus boss based on it.