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After you've located Dio's mansion, you can enter the Rolling Stone Maze via Emporio's Room in Cairo. There's a number of treasure chests to be opened, one of which contains a Badge of Honor. Finding the Badge will warp you to the start and give +1FP to whoever is in your party.

There are two types of stones in the maze - normal ones that can only travel on paths, and one phasing one that can cross gaps. Touching the black statues will warp the phasing stone somewhere else, and touching the white ones will stop it from moving for a few seconds.

There are also invisible floors in the black space of the maze, so if you're trapped, try walking there. The Sex Pistols in the maze may give you a clue on where the invisible floors are located. Very rarely, they will stop the stones when you interact with them.

The treasure chests are as follows:

  1. This chest starts a battle with Cars, after which you'll obtain Cars' Right Arm. After the battle, you'll be warped to the start, just like the Badge of Honor. The invisible floor to get to this chest is near the rightmost white statue. This Cars will be the non-Ultimate version even during a New Game+.
  2. Phantom Blood x5.
  3. Bizarre Memo.
  4. Book of Cleansing.
  5. The Badge of Honor. Opening this will warp you to the entrance.
  6. Book of Evil.
  7. Ultraviolet Lasers.

A map with all chests marked is below. (Click to enlarge)


A map with all hidden floors marked is below. (Click to enlarge)

Rolling Stone Maze Invisible Floors.png