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Rubber Soul is an agent of Dio, using his stand Yellow Temperance to impersonate Kakyoin. He is fought at the end of Singapore.



Talking to the runaway girl in the hotel lobby starts a cutscene, where you eventually get ready to ride the cable cars. Jotaro will jump on the Cable Car. You have a choice of whether or not to follow him. If you do, Jotaro will gain 3FP, and you'll be able to fight Yellow Temperance together. Otherwise, it will proceed according to the original story. If your Stand is Miracles, Ocean Blue, or Sonic Youth and you chose to jump onto the cable car with Jotaro, there will be extra dialogue between Rubber Soul and the player character before the battle begins.

There are multiple ways this event can proceed depending on whether you defeat or run from Yellow Temperance, as well as whether or not the protagonist joins Jotaro. In addition, if your Stand is Red Garland, you'll also learn the Double Lariat skill by going with Jotaro and winning the battle, and if your bad karma is above 3, you can choose whether to attempt to stop Kakyoin or keep watching when he uses the Coconut Back Breaker.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Given Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
BOSS: Rubber Soul (Stand: Yellow Temperance) 1200 2000 800 Experience Tablet

  • Jot: Starplatodine
  • Ka: Foo Fightalin
  • Jos: Echoesterol
  • Pol: Crazy DX
  • Ab: Crazy DX
Range: S. Starts the battle with extremely high defense, making it difficult to damage him, but he is vulnerable to 1HKO attacks in his normal form. Status effects like Darkness, Erase Presence, and OnFire will make the battle much easier. You can use attacks that inflict OffGuard to lower his defense, or if Jotaro has learned Star Punch, use that to bypass it altogether. During the battle, he'll transform into random characters from your party, which will affect the random drop you get. Confuse and Berserk will be especially useful against his Jotaro form.

If the battle's too difficult at your experience level, it can simply be run from and events will continue as per the original manga.