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Shocking Blue
Namesake Shocking Blue (Dutch rock band)
User Mariska
Distance Long-Range
Class Automatic

Shocking Blue is the stand of Mariska. The stand has a liquid body, which can be manipulated by immersing a part of it in the water, and it automatically attacks. It can be found in Singapore, and alongside Mariska herself in Kom Ombo.

Original art by Clayman


Shocking Blue attacks using the element of surprise: It can't attack if the foe is not surprised at all. It can control the temperature of the water it controls, and can go into a victim and control their brain's liquid, clouding their judgement and warping their mind. Despite its strengths, it cannot take commands besides surprising and attacking a particular target.


Behind the kopi shop in Singapore, there's a man in sunglasses who will warn you to stay away from the steel bars. Check them anyway to start a battle with Shocking Blue and Spirits x2. After the fight, you will get +1FP with whoever was in your party. In Kom Ombo, there's a crowded bar in the southeast part of town. Talk to the people inside, and eventually, objects will start to fly at you - touching them will start a battle with Shocking Blue. Defeat it, and you'll be locked inside the bar, and the enemy will keep attacking. Try to leave after defeating it at least 5 times to start an event and a battle with Mariska. Defeat her in a one-on-one fight for +3FP with whoever is in your party, or two-on-one for +1FP. You'll also get different dialogue depending on who's with you - for example, if you fight her with Abdul, she'll remark that he's just her type. If you decide to fight Mariska in a two-on-one fight, your extra party member will take 100 damage and will be inflicted with the "dying" status effect at the start of the fight.

Enemy Data[]

Name HP EXP Gained Dropped Money Dropped Items Notes
OPTIONAL BOSS: Shocking Blue (Singapore) 800 127 250 Sunlight Remedy Range: M. Can use Bind-inflicting attacks, but other than that, is relatively easy to defeat. Weak to Ice and Water.
Shocking Blue (Kom Ombo) 400 200 300 Bottled Water Attacks with Bind, Tsunami, and Hydro Pump. Will always get a pre-emptive strike.
OPTIONAL BOSS: Shocking Blue (Kom Ombo) 700 2000 2000 Secret Book Vol. 7 Range: S. Can buff both it and Mariska's stats. Will try to use Bind if fighting it one on one. Inflict Berserk or Confuse on it before it gets the chance.


  • According to Clayman, Shocking Blue was the first original stand designed for the game.