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Silver Chariot
Japanese Name シルバーチャリオッツ (Shirubā Chariottsu)
Namesake The Chariot (tarot card)
User Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Power C
Speed A
Range C
Precision B
Durability B
Potential C

Silver Chariot is the stand of Jean-Pierre Polnareff.

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, the Stand itself gives a +5 bonus to Speed. Polnareff's tactic is "Charge Forward" and he joins at level 12.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 (with armor) 59 33 38 1 26 56
1 (without armor) 59 33 48 1 1 96
50 (with armor) 944 433 234 126 253 472
50 (without armor) 944 433 244 96 228 512


Polnareff's normal attack is physical, gives him a boost to attack first, hits all enemies (only when the armour is removed, otherwise it is single-target), is short-range and has a 5% chance to inflict Dizzy status.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Mincemeat 8 1 Inflicts non-elemental damage on an enemy. (S) +Bleeding
Illusory Blade 10 3 Inflicts non-elemental damage on all enemies. (S) +Bleeding
Armor Takeoff 10 5 Removes armor to drastically increase Speed, lower Durability and normal attack now damages all enemies. (Can be used on the field.)
Slice and Dice 16 7 Inflicts severe damage on an enemy. (S) +Bleeding
Hack to Pieces 13 7 Inflicts non-elemental damage on an enemy. (S)
Rapid-Fire Thrust 10 11 Inflicts severe damage on all enemies. (S)
Million Slashes 5 14 Inflicts crippling damage on all enemies. (S)
RaDarts 17 15 Shoots darts at a far-off enemy. (M)
Shishkebab 32 18 Inflicts crippling damage on an enemy (S) +Bleeding
Outrun 30 25 Speeds up to escape enemy's sight. (90% base success rate)
Push It To The Limit 100 50 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects
Sand Attack 7 *1 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies. (100% base success rate)
Zantetsuken 20 *2 Inflicts defense-piercing damage on enemy. (S) Chance to 1HKO
Unleash 36 *3 Inflicts defense-piercing damage on enemies. (L)
Requiem 99 *4 Inflicts Sleep status on all enemies and allies except Polnareff.
  • 1 "Sand Attack" is learned after defeating J. Geil.
  • 2 "Zantetsuken" is learned by defeating Polnareff (Twin Blades) without using Plan.
  • 3 "Unleash" is learned before the battle with Vanilla Ice.
  • 4 "Requiem" is learned after using the item Arrowhead Shard on Polnareff.