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Sonic Youth
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Japanese Name ソニック・ユース (Sonikku Yuusu)
Namesake Sonic Youth (alternative rock band)
User (Default Name) 音峰 (Otomine)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Speed Type
Power C
Speed A
Range B
Precision A
Durability C
Potential B

"A humanoid Stand that can manipulate sound. Depending on the melody it plays, it can create powerful shockwaves, sharp air blades, or echolocation-based radar just by strumming on its guitar. In addition, it can use hypnosis to induce various effects on opponents and allies alike." (In-Game Description)

"You're a methodical person who doesn't like to leave a job undone, but you're also very excitable and cheerful. Family-oriented, you are unguarded and immediately open up around anyone. You're friendly, have a great sense of humor, and take pride in your strong sense of right and wrong. You're easily touched by the sentimental, and are sometimes taken in by sob-stories." (Personality Evaluation)

Base Stats[]

In addition to these base stats, the Stand itself gives a bonus of Speed +2 and Durability/Spirit +1.

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 40 12 16 28 31
50 600 600 110 98 355 441

Sonic Youth has a very high Spirit stat, allowing it to hit hard with wind-based attacks. This inflicts BlowBack fairly easily, but the real strength of Sonic Youth lies in its wide array of stat-altering moves. The late-game skills Recital and Orchestra in particular are extremely powerful, and Recital comes with the added bonuses of inflicting statuses and lowering SP.

The recommended tactic for Sonic Youth is Flee, which reduces its inconsequential Power stat in exchange for Speed.


Sonic Youth's normal attack is short and mid-range, Wind elemental, hits all enemies, has a basic hit rate of 90%, and has a 5% chance of inflicting Confused.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Whirlwind 4 1 Inflicts wind damage on one enemy / (M)
Stand Attack 1 1 Directly attacks an enemy with your Stand / (S)
Lullaby 7 2 Inflicts Sleep status on all enemies (80% hit rate)
Folk Song 5 4 Lowers all enemies' Speed
Gust 6 5 Inflicts wind damage on all enemies / (M)
Love Song 7 7 Inflicts Confuse status on all enemies (80% hit rate)
Samba 5 7 Buffs all allies' Speed
Wind Edge 8 8 Inflicts wind damage on an enemy / (M) + sometimes inflicts Bleeding
Anthem 5 9 Buffs all allies' Durability
Death Metal 5 11 Lowers all enemies' Durability
Funny Song 5 12 Lowers all enemies' Spirit
Shockwave 12 15 Inflicts wind damage on all enemies / (M) + BlowBack
Punk Rock 5 16 Buffs all allies' Power
Blues 5 17 Lowers all enemies' Power
Tornado 16 18 Inflicts wind damage on an enemy / (M) + BlowBack
Jazz 5 20 Buffs all allies' Spirit
Echolocation 6 20 Locates the enemy with sonar to cure all allies' CantFind/Distract status (60% chance)
Tornadoes 24 25 Inflicts wind damage on all enemies / (M) + BlowBack/NoBreath
Push It To The Limit 100 45 Buffs all stats, restores HP, and cures status effects
Ripple Waveform1 16 * Inflics Light damage on all enemies / (L) + BlowBack (80% hit rate)
Recital2 50 * Damages on all enemies, lowers SP & stats, and inflicts Confuse/Berserk
Orchestra2 50 * Buffs all allies and cures Confuse/Berserk/Sleep

1Ripple Waveform can be learned randomly by sleeping in the hotel with Joseph after learning at least one of the Ripple techniques from the Secret Books.

2Recital and Orchestra can be learned randomly by staying in the hotel with another party member once your level is above 35, your bad karma is 6 or less, and you've reached or are past Aswan.


Name Partner
Combination Attack Everyone
Demonic Rush Jotaro
Dance of Death Kakyoin
Last Song Joseph
Rising Phoenix Abdul
Dance of Swords Polnareff
Tempest Iggy

Overworld Interactions[]

Hong Kong

  • You can get the young couple by the lake to propose, earning you 55 XP.


  • Gives extra dialogue before the battle against Rubber Soul.

Fertile Crescent

  • You can assist Jotaro and Iggy from afar, by damaging N'Dour. You do not actually get to fight with them, though.

Author's Notes[]

In short, a "caring person". According to a certain psychology, this is the most common personality in the world, and celebrities are also usually of this type. From this point of view, the user's image is similar to that of a rock star's. Since they are quite talkative and possess the trait to cause uproar, the stand uses wind and tornadoes as a medium.


  • According to Clayman, Sonic Youth represents the Enneagram type 2w1.
  • According to Clayman, the user of Sonic Youth is a parallel to Abdul.