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Japanese Name スペシャルズ (Supesharuzu)
Namesake The Specials (ska revival band)
User (Default Name) 守久 (Morihisa)
Distance Short-Range
Class Swarm Type
Power C
Speed C
Range C
Precision C
Durability A
Potential A

"There are six of them in all. This special corps is loyal to their master, but have their own will and vary in personality. Each has the power of a normal human, and damage is split between them." (In-Game Description)

Base StatsEdit

Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed
1 40 38 15 19 22 22
50 600 582 124 117 262 284

Moveset Edit

Specials' normal attack is short-range, physical, hits all enemies, and has a 5% chance of inflicting Specials status.

The normal attack, Lonely Crowd, and All Agent Attack inflict Specials status, which is unique to Specials. It halves enemy's stats while affected and inflicts 10% of max HP +1 worth of damage.

Name SP cost Level learned Effect
Cardiac Massage 5 1 Revives an ally from K.O.
Stone Toss 1 1 Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
Sic 'em Agent 1! 3 1 Inflicts non-elemental damage on an enemy. (S)
Stranglehold 5 2 Orders Agent 2 to inflict Bind status on an enemy.
Daze 4 4 Inflicts Darkness status on all enemies.
Lonely Crowd 17 5 Specials encircles the enemy and lowers stats. (S)
Sic 'em, Agent 3! 12 6 Inflicts severe damage on an enemy. (S)
Sic 'em, Agent 4! 16 8 Inflicts crippling damage on all enemies. (M)
Sic 'em, Agent 2! 6 10 Inflicts non-elemental damage on all enemies. (M)
Sic 'em, Agent 5! 24 12 Inflicts crippling damage on an enemy. (S)
Defense Formation 25 13 Specials protect user from damage. Buffs resistance to all elements and physical attacks.
All Agent Attack 32 18 Inflicts crippling damage on all enemies. (S)
Push It To The Limit 100 45 Uses 100% of your potential.
All-Out Special 100 50 Inflicts crippling damage/status on enemy. (S)

The following attacks can be learned randomly by staying in the hotel with certain party members. The chance to trigger these events are 1/48, or 1/24 in Iggy's case. Note: You have to be over level 30.

Name SP cost Party member needed Effect
Shoken-Zuki 30 Jotaro Inflicts crippling, defense-piercing damage on an enemy / (S) +Dizzy/BlowBack/Fear/NoBreath
Pinpoint Shot 30 Kakyoin Inflicts severe damage on enemy & sometimes 1HKOs / (M)
Indiscriminate Slash 30 Polnareff Inflicts severe damage on all enemies / (S) +Bleeding/Fear
Strong-Arm Toss 30 Joseph Inflicts crippling, defense-piercing damage on all enemies / (S) +Stop
Jumbo Grenade 30 Abdul Inflicts severe defense piercing damage on all enemies / (M) +OnFire/BlowBack
Trap Carnival 30 Iggy Inflicts various status effects on all enemies if successful (S)


Name Partner Agent Used
Combination Attack Everyone Everyone
Pacify Jotaro Agent 1
Dual-Wield Kakyoin Agent 2
Go To Hell Joseph Agent 4
Can't Take The Heat? Abdul Agent 5
Jack the Ripper Polnareff Agent 3
Trick Or Treat Iggy Agent 6

User Informations Edit


User Name

Personality Type Taciturn, mature, and even a bit snobbish. A complex person who is tough to figure out, in part because they have trouble speaking their mind. You often get down in the dumps and are easily manipulated, but are profoundly empathetic, and the pain of others is your pain as well. (Personality Evaluation)
Author's Notes Basically, a poor talker. Specials represent the user's struggle with others, materialized under the form of a "human wall". Its user realizes the importance of protection of others, and is willing to even sacrifice itself for them.


  • Specials is the only Stand in the game besides Caravan to speak to the player. In addition, each one has its own distinct personality: Agent 1 is a peppy knife user, Agent 2 is a gentle giant, Agent 3 is a calm and collected martial artist , Agent 4 is a nihilistic gunman, Agent 5 is a timid coward who fights with traps, and Agent 6 is a young lady who likes to play pranks.
  • The move "Lonely Crowd" is a reference to the Specials song with the same name.