7th Stand User Wiki

A complete list of all 18 Stands that the protagonist can receive after taking the Personality Evaluation is below. Click the names for more information, such as in-game descriptions, base stats, and movesets.

Stand Range Type
Red Garland Short Power
Howlin' Wolf Mid Power
Ocean Blue Long Power
The Joykiller Short Speed
Sonic Youth Mid Speed
Wildhearts Long Speed
Deep Purple Short Control
Pixies Mid Control
Miracles Long Control
Napalm Death Short Special
Carpenters Mid Special
Quicksilver Long Special
Cardigans Short Support
Caravan Mid Support
Mr. Big Long Support
Specials Short Swarm
Pharoah Sanders Mid Swarm
Adam Ant Long Swarm

There are also several additional Stands used by other allies:

Stand User Range Type
Star Platinum Jotaro Kujo Short Power
Hermit Purple Joseph Joestar Mid Control
Magician's Red Mohammed Abdul Mid Power
Hierophant Green Noriaki Kakyoin Long Control
Silver Chariot Jean-Pierre Polnareff Short Speed
The Fool Iggy Mid Special
Crazy Diamond Josuke Higashikata Short Power


  • According to Clayman, the main protagonist's Stands also have a more metatextual meaning to them.
Power Stands reference the bonds of friendship formed by the 7th Stand User;
Speed Stands reference the Time Acceleration caused by Made in Heaven and the player's role;
Control Stands reference the changed Fates of the other characters;
Special Stands reference Vins, her story and objective;
Support Stands reference the Submarine route and how you're giving support to the Joestars;
Swarm Stands reference the journey's endings from how multiple they are.
  • According to Clayman, each of the main protagonist's Stands are based on a Enneagram personality type.
Enneagram Type Stand JoJo/7SU Character (According to Clayman)
1w9 Napalm Death Kira
1w2 Quicksilver Yukako
2w1 Sonic Youth Abdul, Will, Inc, Cynthia, Speedwagon[1]
2w3 Pixies Speedwagon[2]
3w2 Mr. Big Hol Horse
3w4 Specials Fugo, Joey
4w3 Wildhearts Jonathan, Rohan
4w5 Miracles Kakyoin, Raul
5w4 Cardigans Gyro
5w6 Howlin' Wolf Bucciarati, Utah
6w5 Pharoah Sanders Abbacchio, Caesar, Alice
6w7 The Joykiller Polnareff
7w6 Caravan Joseph
7w8 Ocean Blue Cars, Mariska, Stroheim
8w7 Carpenters Dio
8w9 Red Garland Jotaro
9w8 Deep Purple Iggy, Faith
9w1 Adam Ant Pucci


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