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The Stand Summoning Program is a mini game available after the player has completed the game at least once, on one of the character routes. It allows players to battle other players' personalized stands, by inserting codes generated in-game by other user's.

It can be accessed via Emporio's computer, either in the Developer's Room, the Debug Room, or any of the individual ghost rooms located theoughout the game.


The Stand Summoning Program allows players to create codes for their personalized Stands, and insert other's codes to battle their personalized Stands. You do not earn any reward for competing in this mini-game; unless you count the reward of friendship, which you gain by trying to find someone else with a code without using the Internet.

Before you can get a code for your Stand, you must set its Battle Tendency. This can be done by selecting six out of nine pre-determined moves that your Stand possesses. While determining this, you'll be asked to choose which skill to choose for each particular spot.

  • 1st: 25% chance to be used.
  • 2nd: 25% chance to be used.
  • 3rd: 20% chance to be used.
  • 4th: 15% chance to be used.
  • 5th: 10% chance to be used.
  • 6th: 5% chance to be used.

Note that you are allowed to choose the same move for more than one spot.

Individual Stands[]

Red Garland

Howlin' Wolf

Ocean Blue

The Joykiller

  • Normal Attack
  • Move Closer
  • Move Back
  • Cut
  • Knock Down
  • Iai Slash
  • Chainsaw
  • Contaminate
  • Stealth

Sonic Youth


Deep Purple



Napalm Death







Pharoah Sanders

Adam Ant


  • Nukesaku explains the system in great detail if spoken to in the Developer's Room.
  • You cannot add Ripple or Book skills to your Stand, because these aren't Stand-skills.